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Jenny M's Story

My husband and I had the Lymerix vaccine last year. Our health has deteriorated greatly since this vaccine. I had become sick within the first 24 hours of getting the first vaccine. I had severe flu like symptoms for about a week. My right elbow started hurting and the muscle pain never went away. I contacted my doctor but he felt it was not due to the vaccine. He stated that he was not aware of any adverse reactions from the Lymerix vaccine.

The day I got my second vaccine I had complained to him about the body pain. Within 24 to 48 hours after the second shot I was in severe pain in all my joints and muscles throughout my entire body. A week after the second shot I was in the doctor's office crying in pain for him to help me.

Over the past year and a half I have lived in chronic pain. Some days are so bad I have to have my husband (whom is also very ill from this vaccine) help me to get up. I have to lay in bed and move every joint until I can even think about getting out of bed. There have been four times over the past year and a half that I have been unable to move my legs.

The first time lasted about three minutes, and the last three times have been within the past month and have lasted up to 20 minutes. This is very scary to say the least. I have a 10 year old son that I used to be able to skate, bowl, and bike with. Now I am unable to do much of anything with him, which is very hard to deal with. He watches his mom and dad in pain everyday.

My husband's pain started slowly throughout late 1999, until he hurt his back on New Year's Day. Since then he has never been the same. He used to workout and run. Now he just sits around because of the pain. My husband was so bad a few weeks ago he told me he thought he was dying. You can only imagine how this makes me feel, watching him in so much pain and being unable to help him.

My husband and I were both very healthy prior to this vaccine. At this time there is no cure or treatment for us. I have faith that something will be found to help us, but that can only happen if SmithKline is made to remove this vaccine from the market. SmithKline needs to work at finding treatment for the people that have been hurt by this vaccine, and there are a lot of people that have been harmed and are living in chronic pain everyday, due to this Lymerix vaccine.

As of July 2000 there had been 774 adverse reactions reported to the FDA. And their spokesperson states "we see no red flags here." I wonder how many more people have to be harmed by this vaccine before they do anything. Please help me stop SmithKline from hurting anymore people and now our children. They have it in front of the FDA for approval for children 4 to 14 years of age.

I cannot bear the thought of another child being harmed by this vaccine. Contact me if you would like to help me stop this from hurting more people. Today, October 16, I was paralyzed from my neck down for close to 15 minutes. Needless to say this is very scary. Everytime it happens it gets longer and longer. I just hope and pray that it will not be permanent one day.

Jenny Marra RN


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