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Debbie J's Story

Hi my name is Debbie. I am 49 years old, and have been ill with Lyme disease since the age of 27. I have had problems with Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and some medications that a Doctor gave me which almost killed me. I was housebound for 6 years with horrible side effects from this injection he gave me; just too much to go into.

I have always been very active most of my life; I raised horses, went hiking, water skiing, body building, art, bowling, etc., but my passion was always my horses. I raised Arabs, fox trotters and quarter horses. In 1982 I was up in the mountains and my horse tripped and fell on me, which injured my neck. I can't do anything like I use to, and have been losing a lot of weight for the last 8 months.

I lost 20 lbs. without trying and have no energy. I'm always tired and weak, and my bones hurt so much. But I can't get anyone to listen to me; they say it's all stress. I can't tell you how many doctors I have gone to. I finally found one who told me I have Lyme disease, I had a tick in my forehead when I was about 16, but I don't think that was the one.

And then one day I had a bite on my leg which had the red circle and looked pretty bad. I am trying right now to apply for SSI, but they say that my condition isn't bad enough, and that I can't prove that it will kill me. They say that I'm making up the pain part, and that I'm just fine to go out and work.

I have 5 days till they turn me down. I don't understand this country. I know people who are on welfare and getting help and they don't even have an illness. But if you're truly sick and need help there's none. Where do you turn when there is no justice? Everyone judges me on how I look, and not by how sick I feel. Do you know anyplace where I could find help or get someone to listen to me?

I live on a very small pension every month. I have thousands of MD Bills coming out of my ears, and everyone is threating to sue me. Between that and the way Lyme Disease makes you feel ... "they shoot horses don't they?"

Thank you for listening to me,

Debbie Johnson

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