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Aimee W's Story

It was the summer after my Freshman year at West Chester University that I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease(1996). I was working for the Girl Scout Camp in NJ. They warned us about Lyme Disease and that it was a possibility in these wooded areas. Within 2 weeks I found a red rash on the back of my leg...not a bull's eye rash...just a red raised one. I didn't think much about it that day.

A couple of days later I could barely stand up because my lower back hurt so bad, I had a fever of 103, I had night sweats, etc. My parents were away so I had to drive myself to the doctor's rolling the windows down on the way since I felt so sick. She didn't even give me a blood test....she said you definitely have Lyme Disease.

I was treated...however, only for 12 days. All the symptoms seemed to go away so I thought it was gone...LITTLE DID I KNOW! The next year at college my friends noticed that I slept most of the time....specifically after ANY physical activity which could just be stretching.

I noticed that my heart started beating irregularly and I was just totally out of energy. So I went to a "specialist" for Lyme, however, I think he was just a professional at being an @#*hole....excuse my language...however I think we all were thinking it. :-) He told me that I caught my disease right away and treated it so there was no way it was Lyme Disease again!

So needless to say I never paid that doctor....however, he never came after me for the money. Maybe he found out later that he was wrong. So, I went to a different doctor and was put on antibiotics again and felt better. Then two years senior year...I felt tired all the time again....I had aches and pains, loss of short term memory, joint aches, etc. So once again I went to the doctor.

I was treated once again. And I felt better again.... for a short period of time. Because now it is a year later and I think I can check just about every symptom on the checklist. I really have lost short-term memory,and I have difficulty with word recall, random night sweats, random low grade fevers, joint pain(in my knees, elbows, ankles, and in every joint in my fingers), pelvic pain, *fatigue*, heart palpitations, *stiff creaky neck*, muscle pain, poor balance, confusion, *mood swings*, exaggerated symptoms from alcohol, etc.

I have not been to the doctor yet because even after having this disease come back three different times, I still keep trying to say that I am just crazy, I guess because sometimes that is what the doctors say. I can't imagine that I have to feel this way my whole life. I am just 23 years old, going on my second year of teaching and I feel like I am already ready to retire.

I am scared to have children for fear that I will pass this to them or just for the simple fact that I may not be able to keep up with them. I am planning to go to the doctor's as soon as I find a good one in this area. I keep all of you that have Lyme Disease in my thoughts.


FYI: I don't know what oral meds I was on all three times, I just know that I wasn't treated for more than 12-30 days each time. I was never on the IV however I think that is my next step.

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