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Little Alette's Story

My daughter Alette was diagnosed with Lyme Disease two weeks ago. She is two years old. It has been a journey to get to where we are today. At three weeks pregnant I contracted Lyme. Due to the doctor's misinformation I went undiagnosed for almost the whole pregnancy. When Alette was born I wanted her tested. They did a ElISA and it came back positive.

I was told these were my antibodies. At ten days old she was admitted into the hospital for RSV. She's had trouble from day one keeping her formula down. She has a rash that appears on her leg every month or so since birth. Since the age of one she has been on allergy medicine all year round. She has terrible head colds and seems to always have one. She has had more ear infections than I can count. She has little clear bumps on her face, arms, and legs.

At 12 months old I wanted her tested again. This time it came out borderline. The doctor told me it was negative though; just found out it was borderline when I requested copies of her labs. At One and a half she started to tell me she had boo boo's. She would point to her wrists, fingers and knees and complain of the pain. After many attempts my LLMD agreed to test her for Lyme. Guess what? PCR was positive.

So, now I know what I have believed in my heart since day one. She has had Lyme since birth. Right? Wrong. Now my LLMD tells me that she could have just gotten it, and that there isn't enough information on congenital Lyme (that it is non existent). UGH!

I have three other children, so I know what a healthy child is like. Alette is not one of them. Sure, she runs and plays and acts like a typical 2 year old. But, the typical two year old probably has not seen the Pediatrician as many times as we have. I just wish there was some type of answer for me.

I hate the fact that there is nothing known about congenital Lyme. It's bad enough that we as the Lyme community are searching for answers for our disease, but now to have a baby and have no answers for her makes me FURIOUS!

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