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Nancy F's Story

Hi - Here is my story for your Lyme Quilt.

In mid summer of 1988 I noticed a rash that looked exactly like hives all over my upper torso. I had a 15 month old and 3 yr old at the time so didn't think too much about it as I was so busy.(Dumb) It started with my hands aching and headaches - terrible headaches and stiff neck. This went on for a few months. I finally got smart enough to go to a Dr. and he did tests for everything.

The Lyme titer test came back positive. I was treated with IV Antibiotics for few weeks and then oral amoxicillian for 6-8 months. I have now lived with Lyme Disease for over a decade. Wow, that's amazing. The first few years were the absolute worst. Having small children to care for made it even more difficult. I know now that I got through it by my unusual capacity for perseverance. I just kept going. Living in a very rural area I had no resources - just a small country Dr. who luckily kept giving me antibiotics.

My symptoms back then were different than now. Then I had terrible headaches, awful stiff neck, the bottoms of my feet were sore for years, hand and feet aching. If I did anything too strenuous it felt as though my brain was rattling around in my head. I am writing though to let some of you know there is hope. I do feel better. I'm not the way I used to be, but I am better. I still suffer from vision weirdness (no eye doctor can find anything), some headaches and some body aches.

My hands bother me the most but not bad enough to really go in to detail. GET HEALTHY - the only way I keep this at bay is to watch what I eat, how I sleep and to AVOID STRESS!!!!!! Seriously, sugar and caffeine are the worst things - I can't think if I've had too much of either. Avoid stress - it really gets the spiro's jumping. I know a lot of you can get through it - you need to push yourself like you've never pushed. Exercise and rest. I know, I know. Exercise when you have the energy, and rest when you're tired.


Don't give in to the attitude that this is the end of a normal life. If you're mind thinks that it will tell your body that. Don't. Tell yourself you will get through it and your body will respond. I have not talked to anyone about my Lyme Disease for years; most people I know don't even know I have it - I choose to fight this by myself and not listen to anyone tell me how awful it is.

Perhaps it is, but I choose to tell my body that Lyme Disease will not change my life. It affects it, but doesn't change it. I won't let it. If anyone would like to talk with me, please write me at my E-mail address: (or click on the mailbox below).

Nancy Friese

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