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Georgie's Story



To The Editor:

I was appalled at reading the article about Lyme doctors being investigated for medical misconduct, incompetency, and misuse of certain drugs. I thought it was a great article that shows just how much of a dictatorship the medical insurance companies and the Federal Drug Administration can be. I found the article informative and well written.

I live with my family year-round on the East End of Long Island. My son was the first to become ill. even in this area, doctors refused the possibility of Lyme disease. They classified it as mono. His symptoms included fatigue, delirium, vomiting, temperatures of 102 and above. He was literally dying a slow death day by day.

I was very lucky to get him to see two Lyme-literate doctors, and with their help and the proper testing and evaluation, they gave me the same diagnosis. The correct diagosis, I feel, for my son. They didn't take the easy way out and rename his disease as mono, M.S., Fibromyalgia, etc. Diagnosis was confirmed through blood work and urinalysis. Everything was highly positive. If it weren't for these two doctos, I feel my son would not be alive today.

My son was very sports-oriented, loved baseball, was the best catcher in the league - went on to all-stars,travelling all-stars, etc. He also went from one sport to another. (By the way, he was in The Star every week during Little League.)

Then his life changed! Does anyone really know how a person with Lyme Disease feels? My son is totally altered because of one tick bite. Although he appears to look normal on the outside, his symptoms include fatigue, swollen and painful muscles and joints,vomiting and diarrhea to the extent that there is nothing left but blood, fevers, sweats, heart palpitations, memory loss, lack of concentration. My son has been altered both mentally and physically.

Lyme disease affects every organ in a person's body. His brain, heart, liver. kidneys, gall bladder, intestines, bones, and nerves are all affected. To me it is worse then a cancer that eats away at you everyday. After over two and a half years of being on various forms of antibiotics, he finally went into a remission. He stayed that way for over a year. Now his symptoms are slowly coming back. he could have been bitten again. We never saw the first tick. We caught the second one, though.

I would never do anything to jeopardize my children's health, but I know in my heart that these two doctors once again will get my son back to a normal state. I would like to know what "people" are behind the accusations of these poor doctors, who believe they have done wrong. Could it be the insurance companies who proclaim to have so-called Lyme "specialists?" They don't even see the faces of these patients or their bodies, so how can they deny benefits? Is this what the health field is coming to? A dictatorship where every move your doctor makes is questioned?

The American people should act now before all these H.M.O.s take over the world. With the greatest of disgust and disappointment,

Linda S. Hagony (Mother of Georgie)


P.S. I know how my son feels and how he suffers. I, too, have Lyme disease!

Reprinted from the East Hampton Star

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