New York Psychic Hypnotic Cruise

With your host Psychic Hypnotist Sebastian Black

Corporate Events-Product Launches-Weddings-Grad Parties 

 A Psychic Cruise around the beautiful island of Manhattan aboard the Temptress Yacht featuring breathtaking views of the world's premier skyline with Lady Liberty in the background


 When the sun goes down your guests will be inspired by the breathtaking lights of the Manhattan skyline

Viewed from aboard the deck of the Temptress Yacht  while cruising the Historic Hudson River 


 Imagine enjoying a fresh breeze, and that wonderful smell of salt in the air, all the while  taking in all the sights that Manhattan has to offer. I wonder if you could already hear the soothing sounds of seagulls and the waves against the boat as the cruise takes you and your guests on a mini vacation.  

                                                                  Doesn't that sound better than four walls, mirrors and chandeliers ?

The Temptress Yacht

[The Temptress][The Temptress][The Temptress][charter photo][charter photo][The Temptress]






Have your next event aboard the beautiful Temptress Yacht including catering and a open bar if you so desire.


The Psychic Cruise includes a Command Performance by Psychic Hypnotist Sebastian Black and to enhance the theme there will also be for your pleasure professional strolling Psychic Readers and an Expert Palmists throughout the cruise .


Contact our office today for details of this exciting alternative to banquet hall boredom



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