Note: This is what happens after a 48-hour marathon of Adam-12 and Dragnet.

“Ten Four”

By: Faita

The small device beeped and a small red light flashed. It sat on a small table beside a bed; it was the same height as the bed’s mattress. The room was dark except for the moon light that shown in through a large window by the bed. It was a reasonably small apartment, only had what was needed, a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. Not that it’s occupant needed it for anything but sleeping. She spent most of her time at her job, fighting crime. She lay in the bed, half-asleep. She lay on her stomach, and reached her hand and picked up the small device. She pressed a small button and the beeping stopped. She lifted her head off the pillow and slowly moved out of the bed towards the bathroom.

31 year-old Lieutenant Catherine ‘Cat’ Gage pinned a Gotham City Police Department badge onto her uniform, badge number 2430. She dusted something off her shoulder and marveled at the uniform in the mirror. There was a knock on the door behind her.

“Enter,” she said. A tall black man walked into the room, also in a police uniform.

“You never get tired of looking at yourself in uniform do you?” he asked her smiling. She smiled into the mirror.

“It’s always been my dream to become a police officer, follow the family line,” she said.

“You know Cat, one day you’re going to have to explain to me the thing your family has with the force,” he told her.

“Oh Ben. We’re drawn to it, Captain after Captain after Captain,” she told him.

“When did this family become so attracted to up holding law and order?” he asked as the two walked out of the room.

“Well, my grandfather, his father, and his grandfather were in the force. My grandfather met my grandmother in the force. My dad and all my brothers are in the force, as are my uncles, aunts, cousins, as so on,” she explained.

“Heh, my family has and always will own a small restaurant on the eastside,” he said as they walked towards the briefing room.


A squad car drove down 5th street at about 7 o’clock in the morning. Lt. Benjamin Wakefield drove with Lt. Gage in the passenger seat. The radio dispatcher said things to all of the cars, telling all the reported crimes and disturbances going on throughout the large city.

“1 Baker-12, 1 Baker-12, family dispute, 116 Crescent St., code 2,” the dispatcher said. The squad car sped up slightly and Lt. Gage picked up a microphone connected to the radio.

“Baker-12, on it,” she said into it as the car turned a corner.


The car stopped in front of an apartment building. The two officers stepped out and entered the building. As soon as they entered they could hear yelling from upstairs and a shirt fell down onto the stairs. A woman opened the door closet to the main entrance.

“Oh good you’re here, will you please shut those two up?” the woman asked. She was probably in her late fifties; mostly gray haired, and about 5 foot 6 inches. She was as tall as the 6-foot tall officer’s chins.

“Were you the one that called?” Ben asked her taking out a pad and pencil and preparing to take notes. She nodded.

“Yes Officer, I’m the superintendent of this building, I’ve been getting complaints from other tenants,” she told him.

“Can you tell me your name please?” Ben asked him.

“Oh yes, of course. Mrs. Victoria Simpson,” the woman said.

“Okay, thank you very much,” he said to her.

“Oh no problem,” she said. The two officers walked up the stairs, careful for falling items. The walked onto the second floor as a woman walked out of a door and threw bunch of clothes down onto the stairs, walked back into the room and slammed the door and the yelling started again. The officers walked over and knocked on the door, there was no reply. Gage knocked again, still no answer, just angry yelling from two people coming from with in the apartment.

“Open up, police officers,” Gage said. There was no answer so she slowly opened the door. The two walked into the apartment. It was a medium sized apartment, pale yellow carpet with several pieces of clothes on it. There were two people in the living room area, which was right by the door. The woman had dark hair and so did the man, both of them were arguing about money. The woman claiming how careful she was with it because he told her to be and that he spent it so quickly. He claimed that she wasn’t true. The two officers got their attention for a second then the two went back to arguing loudly. The two officers frowned at each other.

“Excuse us!” Gage said loudly. The couple looked at them.

“We’ve gotten a complaint about you two,” Ben told them. The woman pointed to the man.

“He started it!” she yelled at them.

“Alright, alright. Let’s hear the story,” Gage said.

“Well it’s very simple officers,” the woman said calmly.

“If by simple you mean full of lies!” the man yelled.

“Calm down sir, we’ll get to hear your side soon enough,” Ben told him.

“As I was saying Officer, you see my husband keeps telling me not waste money, you know, pinch pennies, well, I’ve been doing this, but the problem is, he wastes money like crazy! He gambles and spends money nonstop!” the woman told Gage.

“That’s not true!” the man yelled in protest.

“Just hold it. Can you tell us your name please?” Ben asked the woman.

“Yes of course. Jean Samsung, S-a-m-s-u-n-g, that’s my husband John” the woman spelled out for them. Ben wrote it down on the pad.

“How long have you two been married?” Gage asked them.

“Fifteen years, fifteen long, miserable years,” the man answered.

“Surely something good must have happened in that time,” Ben told them.

“You’d think so wouldn’t you?” the woman asked.

“There must have be parties, anniversaries, vacations, honeymoons,” Ben said. The two people thought about it.

“Maybe a few times, but not often,” the woman said, the man agreed with her.

“Well why don’t you two think about those times together, quietly please,” Gage told them. Then nodded already beginning to remember those times.

“Of course Officers, sorry to disturb you, we’ll be quite,” the woman told them. The two officers began to walk towards the door. Cat stopped when Ben was already in the hall.

“And could you pick all the stuff out of the stairway please?” she asked them.

“Right away,” the man said a smile now on his face. The officers walked down to the first floor where the superintendent was waiting for them.

“Everything’s okay now, they’ll be quiet,” Cat told her.

“And the mess?” the woman asked.

“They’ll be right down to clean it up,” Ben answered. The woman smiled and thanked them. The police officers left the building and got into their car, Ben on the driver’s side, Cat on the passenger’s. Cat transferred some information form Ben’s pad to a form then picked up the radio receiver.

“Baker-12 clear,” she said into it and set it back down. The car began to drive along the Gotham streets again; it’s passengers watching out for anything. After a few minutes of silence Cat spoke up.

“You and June in a few years?” she asked. Ben laughed.

“I ask myself that after every time we get one of these calls,” he told her.

“And?” she asked.

“And, I pray to god it’s not,” he answered. She smiled.

“How is the little woman?” Cat asked him.

“June, oh she’s fine, still waiting to meet the guy in your life,” he told her.

“Well I hate to disappoint her, but currently, you come closet to be the guy in my life,” she told him. He laughed again.

“That’s what I told her,” he said.

“And Jimmy, how’s he?” Cat asked trying to change the subject.

“He’s fine, driving June crazy, it’s this potty training thing,” he told her.

“Could be worse,” she told him. He glanced at her questionably.

“Could be teething,” she added.

“Oh no kidding! I’m glad we got that over with! Man that kid can cry!” Ben told her. Cat smiled, happy to be single and not tied down with a family like her partner.

“1 Baker-12, 1 Baker-12, family dispute, 204 6th street,” the dispatcher side. Cat picked up the microphone and lifted it to her mouth.

“Baker-12, on it,” she said and wrote something down as the car sped up again.


The two lieutenants sat at a small table surrounded by a lot of other small tables. They were filling out sheets and sipping from cups of coffee. There were other officers doing the same thing at other tables.

“Oh the paper work,” Ben said as he rubbed his hand.

“They say a police officer does enough writing in their lifetime to fill a library,” a police officer said as he sat down backward in a chair at their table.

“Hey Eric,” Ben said.

“Hiya Ben, Miss. Kitty,” he said smiling.

“Don’t call me that Bates,” she told him angrily.

“Chill Cat, he didn’t mean anything by it,” Ben warned her.

“Yea kitty cat, I’m just playing with ya,” he said. Cat stood up and grabbed Eric by the collar.

“Shut up,” she told him. He stood up, he was only an inch taller then her, dark brown eyes and matching hair that couldn't be seen through the uniform’s cap.

“Guys, don’t,” Ben said trying to calm them down.

“And if I don’t, kitty?” Eric asked her.

“Lieutenants!” a rough female voice yelled. Everyone in the room looked towards the door and saw Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon standing there, looking at Cat and Eric angrily. Cat released Eric’s collar and everyone in the room went to attention. Gordon walked over to the two lieutenants, an angry and fierce look on her face.

“My office, now!” she yelled. The two lieutenants obediently walked behind her and out of the room.

“At ease,” she told the other officers and walked towards the door.

“Wakefield, you and Bannon work together, I’m tying up your partners for awhile,” she told them and left. Ben and Lt. Bannon glanced at each other in embarrassment about their partners.


The two lieutenants stood side by side in front of the Commissioner’s desk. Gordon walked around from behind them and stood behind her desk. She stared at them angrily.

“I don’t know what you think this place is, but it’s a police station! The center of the city for holding up law and order! The factory for the glue that keeps this city from falling apart! You two are some of the best officers this city has and I don’t need you fighting each other! You both come from a long line of good police officers; Montoya and Wilkes were the best we had, I can’t understand why their grandchildren fight so!” Gordon yelled at them. The two lieutenants were quiet.

“Now I don’t know what it is between you two, whether you’re out for each other’s blood, or simply each other, but no fighting while you’re on duty, do what you want on your own time. Dismissed,” she said. The two lieutenants walked out of the room. Cat leaned against the wall by the door and Eric sighed with relief.

“Close call?” Gordon’s secretary asked them.

“A little to close Angie,” Cat told them.

“We wouldn’t be in any trouble if it weren’t for Miss. ‘Don’t call me Kitty’,” Eric said. Cat looked at him angrily.

“Don’t even try blaming this on me Bates,” Cat warned him.

“Why not? It’s your fault!” Eric yelled back. Angie shook her head not believing they were fighting again. The buzzer on the intercom went off. She pressed the button.

“Yes?” she asked loudly over the yelling.

“Are they fighting again?” Gordon’s voice asked her.

“Yes,” Angie replied. She could hear an unpleased noise come from the Commissioner, a noise of annoyance.

“Well, let’s assign them together,” Gordon suggested.

“Who sure?” Angie asked her glancing at the two arguing officers.

“Yes, maybe a partnership will stop their arguing, it’s worked before,” Gordon answered.

“If you say so Commissioner,” Angie said typing on the keyboard in front of her.

“We have any black and whites ready?” Gordon asked her.

“Yes, Baker-12 is ready,” Angie answered.

“Isn’t that Gage and Wakefield’s car?” Gordon asked her curiously.

“Yes,” Angie answered her. There was a slight silence.

“Better give them another one, any other cars ready?” Gordon asked her. Angie typed on the keyboard.

“Yes, Baker-6,” Angie said. She heard Gordon sign in relief.

“Assign them to that car please Angie,” Gordon told her.

“Already done Commissioner,” Angie said and heard the intercom click off.

“Cat,” Angie said. Cat turned around and looked at her, an angry expression on her face. Angie handed her a padd. Cat read it, her eyes widened in surprise. She looked at Angie in shock.

“No,” Cat said. Eric grabbed the padd out of her hands and read it.

“Is she nuts!?” he asked aloud. Cat gulped.

“She’s our commanding officer, we have to,” Cat said reluctantly.

“This alone could make me quit the force,” Eric said.

“Then we should do it more often,” Cat said and began to walk away. Eric looked at Angie who just shrugged in response.

“Wish me luck,” he said and began to follow Cat.

“Good luck,” Angie said once he was out of range, “though I doubt it will help.”


“Okay, okay, how about this? I drive the first sect, you drive the second,” Eric suggested as the two walked over to a car parked silently in the parking lot.

“No way,” Cat told him, “we may only serve one sect.”

“I’m willing to risk it,” he told her. She glared at him angrily.

“Then you drive the second sect,” she said to him as she got into the driver’s side of the police car. He stood in front of the car, looking at her through the windshield. She sat there for a bit, as he stood staring at her. She opened the door and stuck her head out.

“You coming or what Bates?” she asked him annoyed.

“Can I drive?” he asked.

“No,” she answered. He remained where he stood. She got back into the car and buckled herself in. She turned on the car. Eric folded his arms over his chest. The transmitter at his side went off. He picked it up and held it to his mouth.

“Lt.Bates,” he said into it.

“Get in the damn car,” a female voice said through it. He looked up in surprise at Cat in the car. She held her transmitter to her mouth. He sighed and placed his transmitter back onto his belt. He walked over and got into the passenger seat. He closed to door behind him and buckled himself in. Cat began to drive out of the lot. Eric picked up the radio receiver.

“Baker-6, clear,” he said into it.

“Baker-6 clear,” the dispatcher repeated.


The squad car drove through the city; its passenger sat in it, carefully scanning the city with his eyes. Its driver kept an ear in tune with the radio listening for calls and watching where she was driving. The calls on the radio went out to other pairs in other parts of the city. The people in the car ran maps of the city though their head every time a call was made, seeing if they were close enough to handle it.

“How do you think they’re doing?” Eric asked finally. Cat glanced at him then looked again in front of her.

“Who?” she asked him.

“Ryan and Ben,” he answered. She shrugged.

“Ben’s a good officer,” she told him.

“So is Ryan, that’s not what I’m worried about. Both of them are secondary officers, what if they-?” he asked.

“They’re both damn good officers, what ever happens, they can handle it,” she cut him off. He frowned.

“Do you ever worry about anything?” he asked her slightly aggravated.

“I am human,” she answered simply.

“Who could tell?” he asked. Her eyes narrowed angrily and she tightened her grip on the steering wheel.

“¿Y qué sabría usted acerca de ser humano?” she asked under her breath angrily.

“1-Baker-6, 211 in progress, 330 Winding Way, two suspects, code 2, back up on its way,” the dispatcher said. Eric picked up the receiver.

“Baker-6, on it,” he said and wrote something down on a pad.


The car pulled to a stop in front of a liquor store with a man holding a bag ran out of it. Cat and Eric immediately stepped out of the car and aimed sawed off shot guns and the man.

“Freeze!” Eric yelled. The man stopped where he was. Eric carefully stepped out from behind the car door and took the bag from the bag and set it on the ground at his feet then handcuffed the man.

“You got him Bates?” Cat asked him. He nodded proudly at her. Cat stepped out from behind the door and walked closer to the two; her gun still pointed at the suspect.

“Where’s your partner?” she asked him. He shrugged.

“Search him, make sure he’s clean,” she told Eric.

“Okay,” he said and began to search the man. There was a loud shot and Eric yelled and fell to the ground. The man grabbed the bag and began to run away. Cat quickly ran over to Eric. There was a bullet hole on his right shoulder with blood seeping out of it. Cat looked to where the shot came from and saw a man holding a gun. He aimed it at her and was about to shot again but she quickly took her gun and shot his hand. He yelled and the gun spun out of his hand onto the ground several feet away from him. He fell to his knees, clutching his right hand. She quickly ran over to the car and pulled at the receiver.

“Baker-6, officer down, 330 Winding Way, shots fired, one suspect down, other on the run handcuffed, officer in pursuit. Request ambulance and assistance,” she said into it and ran over to Eric to make sure he was alive. “Hang on,” she said and began to chase after the other suspect. She ran around the corner and found the man lying unconscious and leaning up against the wall, the bag at his side. She knelt down and felt his pulse.

“He’s okay,” a voice said. She stood up and looked around. A black figure stepped out of the shadows. It was Batman. He looked at her like he knew her.

“Who are you?” he asked. She paused before answering.

“I am Lieutenant Catherine Gage, GCPD, badge number 2430,” she said simply. She picked up the bag and dragged the man carefully back towards the car. She saw the man from liquor store begin to slowly walk out of it towards Eric. His bloody hand holding a gun pointed at Eric. She quickly let the man go and ran towards the other one. She tackled the armed man to the ground. He yelled in surprise and fired a shot when she tackled him. She yelled out in pain as the bullet hit her left calf. She quickly knocked the gun out of his hands and handcuffed him. Two other patrol cars and an ambulance stopped around them. Officers ran out towards the man just waking up by the bag and the one Cat had just rolled off of. They took the suspects to their cars and gave them their rights. People from the ambulance ran over to Eric and checked his wounds and quickly loaded him into the ambulance. A paramedic walked over and checked Cat’s leg. He tore off her pant leg from the knee down. He then tried to help her stand by supporting her. An officer ran over and helped them by supporting Cat’s other shoulder.

“I’ll help,” he said. She looked over at him and smiled.

“Hey Ben,” she said. He smiled.

“I leave you for one sect and you get yourself shot,” he teased as they helped her over into the ambulance with Eric.


Lieutenant Cat Gage counted in the empty gymnasium as she did push-ups. It had been two weeks since her injury and she was trying to get back on the beat as soon as possible. She was wearing a dark blue T-shirt and knee long pants that had the letters GCPD embroidered on them. She had a white bandage wrapped around her left calf. Her black hair tied behind her and rested on her back.

“23, 24, 25, 26,” she counted. A man walked into the gym. He was in a brown suit and a dark red tie, which fitted his reddish brown hair. He had a bandage wrapped around his right shoulder and a sling around his arm. He stopped walking about ten feet from her.

“Congratulations,” he said to her. She stopped up in the air for a second and looked up at him.

“For what?” she asked and began again, still counting quietly to herself.

“They’re giving you the Medal of Valor,” he answered.

“They shouldn’t. I should’ve handcuffed him before I went after the runaway, let the back up get him,” she said.

“You made the better call Cat, that guy had the evidence, the court couldn’t convict either of them,” he told her.

“There was that bullet in your arm, and the store owner,” she replied. He frowned. She continued counting as she did more push-ups.

“Will you stop that!” he yelled. She stopped and stood up. She walked over and pulled a cloth off of a bag of her stuff. She wiped sweat off her face and arms. She walked over to him.

“Why are you here?” she asked him.

“Just saying congratulations in the name of friendship,” he said. She looked at him curiously.

“We were never friends,” she told him and began to walk away from him.

“I’d like us to be,” he said. She turned around and looked at him.

“Why?” she asked him. He smiled shyly.

“You saved my life Cat. You can’t hate me completely,” he told her. She looked at him surprised.

“It’s my job,” she told him. He smiled.

“Sure. What ever you say Cat. You’re the one that won the Medal of Valor,” he said and walked out of the gym. Cat watched him, a smiled lit across her face and she walked over towards the weights.


Batman walked over to the computer where Bruce was sitting in front of the screen. Batman glanced behind him and saw Batgirl asleep on a cot.

“What’s up with her?” Batman asked Bruce. Bruce glanced quickly at Batgirl then back at the computer screen.

“She was chased by a gang of Jokerz on motorcycles tonight,” Bruce told him.

“So?” Batman asked him.

“On foot,” Bruce added. Batman’s eyes widened.

“They were on…and she wasn’t?” Batman asked. Bruce nodded. Batman glanced back at Batgirl.

“Ouch,” he said.

“She handled it well,” Bruce told him. Batman looked at the screen in front of Bruce.

“Whatcha working on?” he asked.

“Remember that runaway suspect you caught a couple weeks ago? The one you handed back to the girl,” Bruce asked him.

“She was a woman, and yea I do, Catherine something, what about it?” Batman asked him.

“Catherine Gage is the granddaughter of Officer Renée Montoya, her partner, Eric Bates, is the grandson of Officer Wilkes,” Bruce explained.

“Why didn’t you say Wilkes’ first name?” Batman asked.

“He didn’t save my life,” Bruce said. Batman’s eyes widened. He was about to ask a question but Bruce cut him off.

“The city is giving Gage the Medal of Valor,” Bruce told him.

“Why? I caught the guy,” Batman pointed out.

“After that happened the other suspect tried to shoot her partner again. Gage tackled him head on before he got the chance, took the shot herself. Would you do that for Batgirl?” Bruce said.

“I don’t like Batgirl that much,” Batman answered.

“Gage and Bates hate each other too,” Bruce said. Batman looked surprise.

“What are you saying?” Batman asked him.

“There’s hope for you two to get along yet,” Bruce replied.

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