"Over and Again"

By: Faita

Terry held onto the railing and gazed at Gotham passing by him. People talking in their seats and the sound of the man on news and the humming of the motor where the only things he could hear. It felt the transport slow and the door open. He saw people walk on out of the corner of his eyes. A quick brown and green flash caught his eye and he looked over to see the back of a girl walking towards to corner. She turned around and stood with her back to the wall and looking out at Gotham. She had dark brown hair tied behind her in a low ponytail flowing over her book bag on her back. She wore a dark green jacket and brown shirt under it and a pair of black slacks. She stared out at Gotham and didn't seem to notice two Jokerz walking towards her. One of them slid a hand over her shoulders and the other one stood in front of her, trapping her where she stood.

"Hello, hello lovely lady," the one around her shoulders said. Everyone else in the room had at least one eye and ear towards the three. Terry was watching waiting to see if he needed to interfere. The girl turned to the Joker simply.

"Good by good bye stupid baboon," she told him a few inches away from his face. Some of the other people laughed and covered their faces with their hands. The Joker frowned then a smile crossed his face.

"Aren't you the little vixen?" he asked her.

"Aren't you the little insect?" she asked him. A small boy by his mother's legs laughed loudly. The Joker in front of the girl turned to him and walked over to the boy.

"You think it's funny little boy?" he asked the boy. The child didn't seem afraid of the Joker and nodded his head happily.

"Well, you gonna pay for that joke?" the Joker asked him. The boy shook his head.

"Yes you are," the Joker said and grabbed the boy's fearful mother's purse. He stood up but was kicked back into the glass window and fell to the ground, dropping the purse. The girl landed on her feet, walked over and picked up the purse and gave it back to the woman. The woman thanked her and the girl walked out of the transport as the door opened.


Terry walked down the hallway of his school between 4th and 5th period, Dana next to him. Has they walked past three 11th graders a name caught Terry's ear. He stopped and pretended to tie his shoe so he could listen to the conversation.

"No way Jacob, Batman's greatest enemy is Inque," one red head boy said.

"I still say the Joker was," another boy said.

"You both are wrong. Batman's allies were his greatest enemy," a girl said.

"How do you figure that Aara?" the first boy asked.

"Well he always has to worry about them, couldn't fight his best because he also had their safety to worry about," Aara explained.

"She has a point Ben," Jacob said.

"I know she does, she always does," Ben said in defeat.

"Got to look outside the cube Benny boy," Aara said. Dana bent down next to Terry.

"Knot in your shoe lace?" she asked teasingly. They both got to their feet and started to walk again.

"Sorry, I just got caught up in what they were talking about," Terry apologized.

"Who, the 11th graders?" Dana asked him.

"Yea," Terry replied.

"I didn't know you liked Batman," Dana said.

"It's, a growing interest," Terry said.

"The girl is a friend of my cousin, Aara Cameron, big Batman fan," Dana said. The two walked silently for a few minutes.

"Today on my way to school something interesting happened," Terry said.

"What?" Dana asked him.

"There was this girl on the transport. She was being bothered by some Jokerz, made complete fools out of them, more so. Got all the scared people in the transport to laugh at them," Terry said.

"Should I be jealous?" Dana joked smiling.

"I don't even know her name, and I doubt I'll ever see her again," Terry said as they walked into a new hallway. A girl walked right into Terry and the both of them dropped their books to the ground. They bent down and picked up their books. The girl apologized as Terry looked up at her face. It was the same girl from the transport that morning. She quickly stood up and ran past him out of his sight. Terry stood up with a blank expression of surprise on his face.

"You okay?" Dana asked him worried.

"That, that was her!" he yelled. Dana looked to where the girl had run off.

"Her?" Dana asked looking back at Terry. Terry nodded his head.

"Terry, that's Emily Grayson," Dana told him.

"Emily what?" Terry asked urgently.

"Grayson, Terry," Max said walking over to the two of them.

"Does Mr.Wayne keep you in a cave or something?" Dana asked jokingly. Terry laughed nervously.

"Anyway. Emily Grayson is the daughter of a rich tycoon. She's got to be worth a couple billion easily," Max explained as the three of them walked to their next class.

"Why is she attending this school. Shouldn't she be attending Campbell's Academy for Girls or something?" Dana asked.

"For some reason she's always gone to public school. Her mother always felt that even if they were rich they shouldn't act like it, guess Emily feels the same way," Max explained.

"How do you know that?" Terry asked.

"I have a lot of spare time," Max said.

"I wish Terry had that much time," Dana said.

"So do my teachers," Terry said.


"How was school?" Bruce asked Terry as he walked into the cave.

"Intriguing. I ran into this girl, twice. You know anyone named Emily," Terry asked walking up behind where Bruce sat it the chair.

"I know lots of people, some of the are named Emily," Bruce answered. Bruce typed something up on the computer screen.

"Do you know her last name?" Bruce asked him waiting to type it in.

"Ah yea, Grayson," Terry told him. Bruce hesitated then typed it in. A picture of a girl in her late teens appeared on the screen. She had brown eyes and brown hair tied behind her head with no bangs, Terry recognized the pretty face instantly.

"That's her!" Terry told him.

"Emily Grayson, father alive, mother deceased, 3 brothers, eldest married with young son," Bruce read off the screen.

"You know her?" Terry asked him.

"I know of her yes," Bruce answered.

"Isn't her dad some rich guy?" Terry asked.

"Yes," Bruce answered him.

"He richer then you?" Terry asked him. Bruce hesitated again.

"Why the sudden interest?" Bruce asked him. Terry smirked then answered.

"Wondering why such a rich girl is going to Hamilton High and taking the transit," Terry said.

"Grayson's mother wanted her to attend public school, she's never gone to private school," Bruce said.

"Why?" Terry asked curiously.

"Why not?" Bruce replied. Terry thought about it.

"Uh," was his only reply.

"Now to the important matter. Watt escaped somehow again while you were at school," Wayne told him.

"How?" Terry asked.

"I only learned he escaped," Bruce said.

"That's not good enough Bruce, I only except excellence. For all we know he's developed a new talent," Terry said jokingly.

"Don't push your luck McGinnis," Wayne said not amused.

"I won't think of it," Terry said and walked to go suit up. After a few minutes he walked out and over to the batmobile.

"I'll keep an eye out for Watt, any idea where he is?" Batman asked as he jumped into the batmobile.

"Probably after you," Bruce told him.

"Huh? Yea, I suppose he would," Batman said and drove away.


"Two unsuccessful bank robberies, five unsuccessful muggings, and one returned ran away dog. All in all, a good, easy, night," Batman said as he flew through the city in the batmobile.

"No Watt," Bruce told him.

"Not my fault," Batman replied.

"I never implied it," Bruce said. Batman was silent for a bit.

"He might wait to find me while I'm in school, where he knows I'll be," Terry told him.

"Asleep," Bruce said.

"What?" Batman asked him.

"Never mind," Bruce said.


"Terry, you look lagged, you okay?" Dana asked as they walked down the school hallway.

"I'm fine, I'm just worried about Willie," Terry reassured her.

"Well you can't be as worried as Blade is, she's a wreck, she didn't even come to school today," Dana told him.

"She's better off then I am. I'm the reason he was caught," Terry told her. "What do you mean?" she asked worried and confused.

"I made him show his powers, made him expose himself," Terry told her. She thought about it in surprise.

"I guess he may be after you, gee Terry, you are in trouble," she told him. He nodded in agreement. They continued walking into a little clearing that led to the rest of the school.

"I've been in trouble before," Terry tried to reassure her.

"I know, but were any of those times as dangerous as Willie?" she asked him. Terry couldn't come up with an answer.

"I can take care of myself," Terry told her. She frowned.

"Don't get all masculine on me Terry," she told him. He smiled and bent down to tie his shoe. Dana stopped walking and waited for him. Suddenly a bench swung and hit Terry in the side, sending him flying through the air. Dana yelled out his name as she saw him hit the ground hard. Terry groaned in pain and surprise. His first thought was at least one broken rib, maybe two. He turned his head painfully back to where he had been and got to his hands and knees, groaning with every movement. He saw the bench floating in mid air and swing and hit Dana, knocking her to the ground too.

"Dana," he said weakly and tried to get to his feet. He collapsed to his hands and knees again. He looked up and saw Willie Watt standing 20 feet in front of him, an angry expression filled with hate on his face. He had his hands in fists at his sides.

"Willie," Terry said again weakly and dropped his head so it was hanging between his arms. A drip of blood from the side of his mouth formed a small puddle of blood on the ground.

"Why didn't you let me continue Terry?" Willie asked him with hate flaring in his voice.

"You, would of, killed him," Terry replied gasping for breath, he had had the wind knocked out of him and felt like crying, but couldn't.

"Maybe, but it's to late now. So I'll just have to kill you now instead!" Willie said and raised his arms in the air. The bench again came hurling from behind Willie towards Terry. Terry held his breath and heard Dana yell his name. The bench hurled toward him and Terry closed his eyes.

*What can I do? * He thought. He counted the estimated time till the bench would hit him, but that time past, and did the several slow moments after. He opened his eyes and looked up. The bench had stopped in mid air. Willie too was looking at it with surprise. A cable wrapped around the bench, holding it back from hitting Terry. The three people's eyes all followed the cable back to where it was wrapped tightly around a medium sized tree. Standing next to the tree, eyes narrowed into a surreal gaze, was Batman.


Terry's breath held in his throat. His eyes widened in a shocked glare. The bench fell to the ground in a loud clatter; the cord still wrapped around it. Willie turned angrily to the false Batman. Willie yelled something at him, but Terry was too amazed to understand what it was, but he understood the anger in Willie's voice. The false Batman took several steps forward, keeping the same gaze. Terry had never known how frightful and relieving that costume was. He was scared, relieved, and confused. That was Batman, but he was Batman. He wondered if Dana was all right, but he couldn't check to see if she was, he couldn't take his eyes off of Batman.

"Leave them alone Watt, they committed no crimes!" the Batman yelled, he sounded exactly like Terry.

"He exposed me! Had me locked up in that place even longer!" Willie yelled at him.

"It was you that got your sentence lengthened, he was doing his job as a citizen," the Batman told him. Terry couldn't see Willie's face but assumed it wasn't pleased.

"Is that what you're doing? Batman?" Willie asked him. The Batman's eyes narrowed and he didn't reply. Terry painfully got to his feet, the breath reentering his body. He grabbed his chest, he was wrong, three broken ribs. He walked slowly behind Willie, towards Dana. Dan saw him and walked over to him, she had a bruise on her left arm and a cut on her hand, besides that she seemed fine, just shocked. Dana slipped her arm under Terry's letting him lean on her. The two of them watched the Batman and Willie, knowing they should leave and get help.

"You want to fight Watt, get rid of some steam, you fight me," the Batman told him. A grin crept across the side of Willie's mouth that Terry could see.

"I almost beat you the last time Batman," Willie told him.

"Almost," Batman pointed out. Willie inhaled deeply with anger. The bench levitated again and flung at the Batman. He jumped out of the way in a graceful leap and landed on his feet. He shot a batarang from his arm that grazed Willie's arm making a slice of blood. Willie yelled in surprise and grabbed the side of his arm. The Batman shot a cable connected to his forearm and a batarang that wrapped around Willie's arms and pulled him to the ground. Willie yelled in surprise as he hit the pavement. The Batman then walked over to him and placed a foot on his chest.

"The police are on their way Watt, serious charge, attempted murder," the Batman told him.

"If they catch me," Willie said. Batman flew back in the air, the cable escaping his forearm. He landed and skids on the ground for a few feet, leaving a trail in the concrete. He groaned has he stood up. Dana and Terry cringed watching it happen. Terry knows what that feels like, it hurts more then it looks. The Batman quickly shot more batarangs from his forearms as Willie got to his feet. The batarangs sped off in all direction by Willie. The Batman dodged a few that came back towards him. He shot a few more cords but those too where shot away. The Batman touched his belt and went into camouflage, disappearing almost completely from view. Willie's eyes looked around for any motion to signify where Batman had gone. A trashcan from Willie's right side flew at him and hit him in the shoulder. He yelled in surprise and pain. He yelled again when the Batman showed up in front of him and punched him in the face, then vanished again. The Batman reappeared behind Willie and punched him in the back, then disappeared again. Willie was now angry and bleeding from his lip. He swung his arms around in tight fists trying to make contact with the invisible Batman. Willie took one hard swing and shifted his balance. The Batman appeared again right in front of him and upper-cutted him. Willie fell to the ground hard. The Batman walked over and bent over Willie. He grabbed the collar of Willie's shirt and lifted him a few inches off the ground and looked him square in the eye with an intimidating slant in his eyes.

"Leave them alone," Batman warned him. Before Willie could reply the police cars and ambulance pulled up by the school and officers ran towards them, Commissioner Gordon among them. The Batman stood up, dropping Willie to the ground, as Gordon ran up to him.

"All right Batman, leave, we got him," she told him. The Batman's eyes narrowed again, he spread his wings, and jetted off into the air. Gordon watched him till he was out of sight, then looked back down to the school. She saw Terry looking at her from 60 feet away, a simple look on his face. Her eyes widened in shock to see him, injured like he was. She looked back up at the sky once more.


Terry walked slowly over to the computer in the batcave. The light from the screen gave an eerie glow over everything in the cave, including Bruce who was perched responsibly in the seat in front of it. Bruce turned around in the seat to look at Terry walk over to him.

"Care to explain today?" Bruce asked him.

"Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing," Terry told him. Bruce's eyes narrowed worriedly and he turned back around to the screen.

"Commissioner Gordon called, she knows as little as we do about the other Batman," Bruce told him.

"Why would anyone copy me?" Terry asked Bruce.

"He IS actually copying me, but that's besides the point. From what you and Dana said for the police report, he had a lot of the same things you did, and knew much about them," Bruce said.

"That's nothing to be worried about, he seems to be on our side," Terry pointed out.

"He does, for now," Bruce replied. Terry frowned and went to change into his costume.

"We should still be concerned about why he's walking around like Batman," Bruce said. Bruce typed something on the keyboard and the images changed quickly on the screen. Batman walked back over to him.

"Do you think he knows who I am?" Batman asked him.

"If we don't know who he is, it's unlikely he knows who we are," Bruce told him.

"Should I be going out tonight?" Batman asked as if he just realized the pain in his side. Bruce turned to him.

"Can you walk?" Bruce asked him.

"Yea," Batman answered. Bruce didn't say anything. Batman sighed and walked over to the batmobile.


Batman flew through the city, scouting the city with his eyes.

"Find anything?" Bruce asked over the com-link.

"Nothing. No other Batman in sight," Batman told him. Then an explosion blew out a door below him on the street. Four guys ran out from the building, carrying bags in their hands.

"Hello," Batman said and flew towards them. Two cables attached to batarangs shot out from the building doorway and wrapped around the two guys in the lead, making them fall to the ground. The two other guys tripped over the two on the ground. Batman perched himself on the doorway to watch. The other Batman ran out from the building and over to the four men on the ground. He handcuffed them then looked up. He turned his head towards the doorway and saw Batman. His eyes widened in surprise and he quickly flew off away from Batman.

"That's my cue," Batman said and jetted off after the fake Batman. He followed him through the city.

"You find him?" Bruce asked.

"I'm following him, he saw me," Batman replied.

"Keep after him," Bruce told him.

"Oh really?" Batman asked him sarcastically. Bruce didn't answer.

"Wayne, I'm losing him," Batman said as he swooped around building following the other Batman who was apparently trying to lose him.

"Well don't," Bruce instructed him. This time Batman didn't answer. He saw the other Batman fly downward into an alley and followed him. Batman landed on the ground and started to search around. He knew the other Batman had landed in the alley, he just couldn't find him.

"Come out come out where ever you are," Batman said walking down the dark alleyway. He stopped walking to listen for any reply, even the sound of a footstep. Nothing.

"Lose him?" Bruce asked simply. Batman sighed angrily. He spread his wings and took off again, not seeing the pair of slanted white eyes watching him from the shadows.

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