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Warning: Contains some strong language and SLIGHT sexul content

“Drink Your Fill”
By: Faita

“Ghosts, sure, Emily you’ve gone crazy,” Terry said. He and Emily were sitting in the living room of the Wayne manor working with their homework on the coffee table. Bruce had gone to Metropolis on business, but the two suspected he went to have a chat with Clark.
“Ghosts are very much real McGinnis, I’ve been possessed by one or two in my time,” she told him.
“Oh, your time now is it? Emily you’re 17, your time has only begun,” she told him. She frowned.
“My time began ten years ago. I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe McGinnis.”
“So have I.”
“What? Splicers? Ra’s? Nothing I haven’t seen. I’ve seen things that’ll turn your tights inside out,” she said turning the page of a textbook. Terry grumbled to himself. Emily moaned slightly.
“You want some gum?” she asked Terry. Terry looked surprised by the question.
“What flavor?”
“Sure,” he replied. Emily stood up and started to walk off.
“Where are you going?”
“The gum is in my room.”

Terry tapped his pencil against his finished homework. He stared across to Emily’s unfinished homework that hadn’t been touch for an hour. He sighed and stood up. He shook his foot until it woke up and then walked in the direction of Emily’s room. He had only been there a few times so he hoped he could still find the way. Emily’s room was far in the back of the manor, completely hidden away from everything. Terry had to wonder why, out of all the room in this manor, that she would pick the one farthest from everything. Bruce had told him that when she first came here, after her mother’s murder, he let her pick any room to stay in. She could even have Dick’s or Tim’s if she wished. Bruce’s little girl. And, at the age of seven, she tried to seclude herself from the world. Terry laughed slightly when he walked into a hallway and saw only one door with a “Keep Out” sign on it. It was a sign of Emily’s slim sense of humor. There must have been ten doors in the hallway; she’d have better luck keeping people out of her room if she hadn’t put the sign up. He walked over to the door and knocked on it. There was no reply so he knocked again. Finally he just opened the door. A broom handle leaning against the door fell and hit him in the head. He stood there with the broom still leaning against him and cursed Emily’s intelligence. He removed the broom handle and closed the closet door. He turned around and faced the rest of the hall. He heard a sharp cry come from the door directly to his right and opened the door and ran inside. He got this one right. Emily lay on her bed; the sheets around her were disheveled. Emily lay on her stomach with her arms tucked underneath her. Laid by her side was a young man who looked about their age. He was moving strands of hair from Emily’s back. He had long black hair tied behind him and a black long-sleeved turtleneck shirt and black leather pants. Emily whimpered and her face was bright red from tears. Terry’s eyes widened in complete shock.
“What the hell!” he yelled getting their attention.
“McGinnis run!” Emily yelled but the man pulled her back by her hair, making her yell in pain. Terry lurched forward to help her but two cat-like women held him in place. One latched itself around his left leg and other held his arms above his head.
“What the hell is going on?” Terry yelled. The man by Emily sat up so Terry could see him.
“Hi,” he said so Terry could see his teeth. He had fangs. Terry looked down at the cat girl on his leg; she looked up at him and smiled. Fangs.
“You must be Terry McGinnis,” the man said.
“And you are?” Terry asked.
“My name is Carsten, and I, am, a vampire,” he said smiling.
“You’re joking,” Terry said.
“Indeed not. Though I’m not your typical old-fashioned vampire. I rather like the sun.”
“If you are a real vampire, what are you doing? And who are they?”
“Adoring fans. As for my arriving here, well, many a year ago, Young Bruce Wayne captured me and locked me away in a nasty little part of his cave. I was there for 45 years! Until, five years ago, a darling little girl got where she didn’t belong, and opened my crypt. I would have bitten her then, but she was so young,” he stroked Emily’s back, “so intelligent,” he stroked her again, “and so, so beautiful. So I waited, and watched her without her knowing for five years. I followed her everywhere. Have you ever seen her scar Terry? I have. It’s so thin and elegant, one could never guess how she got it. It’s right here,” he said and lifted up her shirt slightly on the part of her stomach facing Terry, “she’s grown so much in the past five years, now she's a strong, healthy woman. You know what, she’s still just as beautiful.”
“Let her go!” Terry yelled as Carsten licked the top of Emily’s earlobe, making her whimper more.
“You have no idea how many times, as I was watching her, that I wanted to run my hand down her smooth skin, run my fingers through her hair. You have no idea how many times I wanted just to touch her. And after five years of waiting, she can be mine, forever,” Carsten said and moved his hand up her back under her shirt, Emily lifted her head as she felt his hand.
“Leave her alone you son of a bitch!” Terry yelled using all of his might to get to her. He moved a couple of steps before he felt something stab into the top of his left thigh. He yelled in pain and looked down. The cat girl had dug her nails into his thigh and ripped off a section of his pants, as well with a chunk of his skin. He cringed as he watched her lap up his blood with her tongue. Carsten laughed.
“Naming calling won’t be permitted McGinnis,” he said. Carsten’s head quickly looked back down at Emily and so Terry’s did too. Terry heard Emily say something but couldn’t tell what.
“What did you say?” Carsten asked her.
“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” she yelled as she sat up and rammed her elbow into Carsten’s jaw. He yelled in surprise and pain as his lip cut into his fangs and sprouted blood. He yelled in anger and slashed Emily down the back with his claws. She yelled too and fell back onto her stomach, the back of her shirt torn and bloody. Carsten got out of the bed holding his own bloody jaw.
“I could have given you everything! Eternal youth! Eternal beauty!”
“All you would have given me is eternal pain and sorrow.”
“You shall have that anyway! I know you Emily; you’ve been mine for five years! You’ll never be happy! Never! You’ll never let yourself be happy!”
“I’ll be happy when my friends are safe,” she said gasping for breath.
“Friends! What friends? Those girls at school? They don’t know you! No one knows you but me!”
“You’re wrong,” she said. Carsten’s eyes grew wide and he looked at Terry.
“I understand, you consider him a friend. Even though all you two do is fight.”
“He’s saved my life.”
“That’s his job! You could be anyone and he’d save you! He doesn’t care about YOU; he cares about your LIFE! There’s a difference!”
“You’re wrong! He, he is my friend.”
“No he’s not!”
“Yes I am!” Terry yelled and tried to get closer to them. Carsten looked over at Terry quickly.
“She’d be mine if it weren’t for you!” he yelled and then he and the cat girls vanished. The two remained where they were for awhile, in silence. Terry let out a loud sigh and fell to his knees, the pain in his thigh surged but he ignored it. He crawled the rest of the way to Emily’s bed and pulled himself onto it. He could see all of the shred pieces of her shirt mixed with blood and bed cloths on the bed. He gasped when he saw the deep scratches covering her back, and he blushed slightly when he saw the back of her bra cut in twine.
“Come on, let’s get you fixed up,” he said and moved closer to her. She sat up, her hair sticking to both blood and tears.
“I’m sorry,” she said. He smiled and helped her off the bed. He wrapped one arm around her stomach and the other loosely on her back.
“Watch your arm,” she said. He loosened the one on her back even more.
“Other arm,” she corrected him. He blushed and moved his arm on her stomach down.
“Sorry,” he said.

“How do you feel?” Terry asked. He was sitting on a bed in the batcave; Emily walked over to him wearing slacks, a tank top, and a coat tied around her waist. Her torso was wrapped all the way around in bandages.
“Like shit. You?” she replied. Terry had wrapped his hurt thigh in a bandage and now stood up to put his pants back on.
“I’d feel better with some answers,” he told her. She looked to the ground.
“Bruce always told me never to come down here. That’s about the only thing I disobeyed. On one of my explorations I found a room, far from everything. The door was stone and hard to open, but I finally got it. There wasn’t anything inside except for what looked like a coffin. I didn’t dare open it, so I closed the door, and never gave it a second thought. Bruce must have trapped a vampire in there fifty years ago. I must have released him, so I guess he’s been following me around for the past five years without my knowing.”
“And now he’s fallen in love with you.”
“Looks like it. Great,” she said and sat down next to Terry, right on his pants. Her eyes wandered to the bandage on his leg.
“McGinnis can I see the wound?” she asked and picked up a magnifying lens. Terry took the bandage off of his leg and Emily looked at it through the magnifying lens. Emily put some of his blood on a microscope slide and looked at it. She looked up from microscope and ran over to Terry. She placed one hand next to the wound on each side. She placed her mouth on it and Terry flinched in pain and surprise. Emily removed her mouth and spit a mouthful of blood to the ground and repeated it. She did it once more and then looked up at Terry, wiping his blood from her mouth.
“What the heck was that!” he asked her blushing.
“Poison. Those cat creatures have poison tip claws,” she told him and went to get a glass of water. Terry wrapped his wound again still in surprise and hoping it wouldn’t leave a hickey. Emily came back with a clean face and mouth.
“Thanks,” he told her.
“No problem. You can put your pants back on now,” she told him. He turned around to put them on, mostly so she wouldn’t see him blushing.
“Hey where’s my shirt?” he asked looking around. Emily started looking around too. Terry turned to face Emily with his eyes as wide as they could get.
“Oh crap,” he said and disappeared. Emily gasped and then coughed. She clutched her chest with her hand and collapsed onto the ground.

Terry stood on a wide-open field. The sky was bright blue and the tall grass was tan. The grass swayed in a strong breeze and he heard birds singing in the distance. He looked around in curiosity and started walking. Soon he heard the voice of a small girl.
“Then it grew so tall it wore a crown of light, but thieves from o'er the wall stole the seed by night. Sow'd it far and wide by every town and tower, till all the people cried, ‘Splendid is the flower!’” the girl read. Terry continued walking and soon came across a little girl sitting in the field with an elegant woman laid beside her. The little girl had soft brown hair that hung around her face in curls; her mother had blonde hair that rounded off at the tips. The mother looked just like Emily would with blonde hair.
“Mommy, why did the people call a flower a weed? Flowers are so pretty,” the little girl asked.
“You see my dear, there are still some people in this world who make judgements too quickly, based on appearances, and they refuse to change their minds or learn from it.”
“But, flowers are always pretty.”
“Not when they’re just growing, then they’re green just like the weeds.”
“So people hated it because of its color?”
“Yes my dear.”
“But Mommy, that’s foolish.”
“I know dear, I know.”
“This is the last vacation they had before she was killed. This is the exact dream Emily has six nights out of the week,” a voice from behind Terry said. Terry turned around quickly and was shocked to find Carsten standing in the field, the wind blowing his hair.
“Do you know how Ann Grayson died Terry?” he asked walking up next to him, still gazing at the two people.
“Not exactly,” Terry answered.
“She was stabbed, 47 times. Emily saw it all; that’s how she got the scar, she tried to stop him, and he sliced her with his knife. This is the last nice memory Emily has of her mother, she dreams it every night of the week but one.”
“What does she dream of then?”
“You. She dreams about Batman and herself, kicking ass mostly.”
“Why are you showing me all of this?”
“Funny you don’t ask how.”
“I’ve learned that most of the time, I don’t like the answer.” “I will ruin your friendship Terry, she is mine. I just want you to know what it is you are losing.”
“I understand you’ve known her longer then I have, most people seem to have. But we are the same. That’s why we don’t get along, we see ourselves in each other, and we’re not happy with what we see.”
“Emily is perfect with who she is,” Carsten said. Terry turned around and started to walk away.
“Emily doesn’t even know who she is,” Terry told him and the field disappeared. Terry opened his eyes to see one of the cat girls holding his shirt in front of him. His wrists to a stone wall chained him; he knew where he was. He was in the crypt Emily had opened five years ago. Carsten stepped in front of him. He was wearing black loose fitting slacks and a very loose black shirt that showed much of his chest.
“Emily knows who she is now, she’s one of us,” he said and motioned to his right. Terry’s eyes followed his motions and saw Emily standing in the crypt. Her hair was down and hung disheveled around her. She wore a turtleneck, sleeveless shirt that ended right at her stomach. It was tied up the middle and showed enough to make Terry blush. She wore a knee length skirt with a long slit up the side. Her bandages had been removed. Terry knew at sight that this wasn’t Emily.
“What did you do to her?” Terry asked Carsten.
“Why do you think she was in such a mess when you came up? I bit her of course, she’s one of us now.”
“Undo it!”
“I can’t, it was a very special bite you see, she has to chose to come back, which doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen,” Carsten said and laughed slightly. Emily walked up to Terry and leaned against him, running a hand through the hair on the back of his head. He tried to lean away from her but she had him well pinned.
“Emily!” he yelled.
“Emily’s gone cutie,” she said in a different voice, and leaned more on Terry smiling. Terry saw the fangs in her mouth.
“No! Emily’s in there somewhere!” he yelled. Emily licked the side of Terry’s face and Terry cringed. She moved her head and started nibbling on his ear.
“Help me!” Emily voice said into his ear. His eyes widened and she backed away from him. She had her hands on her head and was throwing herself around, like two people within her were fighting.
“Emily come on! You can do it!” Terry yelled.
“I’m, trying!” Emily’s voice yelled.
“She can’t get out! She’s gone!”
“Leave me alone!”
“This is my body now!”
“Emily come on!” Terry yelled.
“Terry I, I-!” Emily’s voice said but was cut off when she flew forward and kissed Terry harshly on the lips. Terry’s expression changed to shock as she continued kissing him. Finally she stopped but stayed close to his face.
“I said she was gone, and I meant it,” the evil voice said.
“Emily…” was all Terry could say.
“Join us Terry, live forever with us,” Carsten said walking over and putting a hand on Emily’s shoulder. Emily smiled.
“Eternal life, eternal youth, you could live for ever Terry, forever with me. And I could be whatever you want me to be,” Emily said pressing herself against Terry once more.
“The ONLY thing I want you to be is Emily.”
“Well sorry, but she, is, gone. I’m sure we can work something out,” she said rubbing her hand over his bare chest. Terry’s breath caught in his throat. He had to get Emily back.
“Then it grew so tall it wore a crown of light, but thieves from o'er the wall stole the seed by night,” he said. Emily backed away from him, surprised and scared.
“Sow'd it far and wide by every town and tower, till all the people cried, ‘Splendid is the flower!’” he continued.
“No! NO! Be quiet! Shut up! Emily’s gone!” she said putting her hands to her head again.
“Mommy, why did the people call a flower a weed? Flowers are so pretty,” he continued.
“What are you doing?” Carsten said panicking.
“You see my dear, there are still some people in this world who make judgements too quickly, based on appearances, and they refuse to change their minds or learn from it.”
“No! She’s gone!”
“But, flowers are always pretty.”
“Emily Grayson is gone forever!”
“Not when they’re just growing, then they’re green just like the weeds.”
“What are these words doing to me?”
“So people hated it because of its color?”
“Stop! Stop it you bastard! Stop!”
“Yes my dear.”
“This is MY body! She’s no more!”
“But Mommy, that’s foolish.”
“I know dear, I know,” Emily voice said. Terry stopped reciting her dream and stared at her. Emily looked back at him, a shocked expression on her own face.
“Thank you McGinnis,” she said. Terry smiled and laughed a little.
“Just don’t tell Dana about this, and we’ll be even,” he told her, she smiled.
“No! It’s impossible! No one has ever rejected it! No one’s will is strong enough!” Carsten yelled taking steps backward in shock. Emily turned around and faced him.
“No ONE’S will is strong enough. This wasn’t just one will at work, it was two, mine and McGinnis’,” Emily told him.
“What are you going to do?” Carsten asked frightfully.
“I’m going to kill you,” Emily said. She pulled a knife from a garter belt under her skirt.
“You wouldn’t kill me, you’d never kill any human,” Carsten told her.
“Lucky for me, any bit of humanity left in you died a long time ago,” she said and threw the knife through his heart. He stammered backward before he and the knife vanished in a black cloud. Emily yelled in pain as the two cat girls bit her all over before they too vanished in a black cloud. Emily collapsed from bite marks on her. Terry gasped and pulled as hard as he could. The ropes that tied him to hooks dug into the stone ripped and he fell onto his hands and knees. He crawled over to Emily and counted the bite marks. Eight of them. He placed a hand on either side of puncture holes right below her right knee and began to suck the poison from her system. She moaned as it exited her leg and into Terry’s mouth. Terry spit what he hoped was all of the poison and moved up to the punctures above her left knee. He spit the poison and blood to the ground and moved to the bite farther above her leg. He blushed slightly as he sucked the poison from her thigh. He moved on to one right below her bellybutton that made him blush even more. He spit that on the ground and kinda smiled. It looked like Emily had three bellybuttons. He sucked the poison from bite marks further up on her stomach and to the right. He closed his eyes to keep them from wandering. He sucked the poison from her left shoulder and then from her right shoulder. Splattered blood lay all around them and he only had one puncture left to go. He groaned slightly, the teeth marks went right through the collar of her turtle-necked shirt.
“Here,” she said weakly and her shirt changed into a tank top. Terry sucked the poison from that wound and spit it to the ground. He sat back and relaxed. He wiped some blood from his mouth and spit again.
“Geez, blood tastes awful,” he said as Emily inspected all of the teeth marks.
“I don’t think I’m going to school tomorrow,” she muttered as her skirt changed into her pants and boots with a jacket tied around her waist. Terry looked down to examine himself, he had blood on her chest, his wound was still bandaged, and his pants were bloody and torn.
“I don’t think I’m going HOME,” he said. The two of them stood up.
“We can call your house, tell your mom you got really sick, doctor said you shouldn’t travel. You can stay here and rest, you’ll be fine in a day or two,” she explained as he closed the rock door behind them.
“Glad to know it wasn’t serious,” he commented as they found their way into the main part of the batcave.
“Can we ask Max to pick up a change of clothes though?”
“Uh, should we tell Bruce about this?” Terry asked as they walked toward the stairs to the manor. As they passed the computer the chair swiveled around and Bruce was sitting in it, hunched over with all of his fingertips touching. Emily and Terry stopped in astonishment.
“I don’t think we have to,” Emily answered.
“Have fun?” Bruce asked simply.
“You can ask me that when my back doesn’t feel like cookie dough,” Emily told him and walked off to put bandages on her back again. Terry looked at Bruce and smiled.
“It really wasn’t my fault,” Terry told him. Bruce raised an eyebrow at the unexpected comment.
“I know,” Bruce said, “I have everything that happened in the crypt and in here on tape. You saved her life.”
“And she saved mine. Plus, I got to learn something about her, the night wasn’t a total waste.”
“So you’re fine with all that happened?”
“Yea, peachy keen.”
“Well then, I’ll just mail the crypt tape to Dick.”
“NO!!!” Terry yelled and lurched forward. Bruce looked up at Terry with a mischievous grin.
“I’M fine with it, but I don’t think HE will be!” Terry told Bruce.
“Did you get anything out of this?” Bruce asked him. Terry thought about it.
“I got a hickey,” Terry answered jokingly. Bruce frowned and Terry smiled.
“Well I learned about Ann Grayson, I learned a bit more of Emily’s body then was comfortable. Hmm, oh! I got to know what it feels like to have Emily call me ‘Terry’.”
“I called you ‘Terry’?” Emily asked walking over to the two, new bandages wrapped around her.
“Yea. Right before you kissed me, remember?”
“Oh yea, so I did. Don’t expect for that to happen again McGinnis.”
“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it. What?” Terry asked as he and Emily looked at Bruce who was smiling slightly.
“I’ve never seen you two get along so well,” he answered.
“Don’t expect for that to happen again either.”

Two days later Emily and Terry sat by the coffee table in the living room busily doing their homework. Bruce sat in a chair by the fire reading, with Ace placed at his side. Terry finished reading and turned the page. His eyes widened and he picked a piece of gum from in between the pages. He looked at it then at Emily, who was smiling at him.
“Sorry it’s late,” she said. He smirked and set it next to his book.
“I’m surprised you found it, considering how little homework you do,” Emily said looking back down at her work.
“I do as much as you,” he said starting his work again too.
“Then why are my grades better?”
“Because you’re a freak.”
“I’m not a freak, I’m an alien. There’s a difference.”
“Not really.”
“Yes really. You’re the freak.”
“Am not.”
“You wear tights every night.”
“So do you.”
“Yes but I’m a girl.”
“Really? I hadn’t noticed.”
“Well considering how close your face was that makes you more of a freak.”
“I did that to save your life.”
“Or to satisfy your hormones.”
“Hey you were the one in bed with a guy.”
“And you were the one with girls hanging all over you.”
“Well A, they were cats.”
“Looked like girls to me.”
“And B, they weren’t ‘hanging’, they were restraining.”
“Looked like it to me.”
“I restate, you were the one in bed with a guy.”
“Who was trying to turn me into a vampire.”
“Which I’m sure you just hated.”
“Hey I was bitten nine times total, and it hurt like hell every time.”
“Oh yea, it must have hurt having guys all over you like that.”
“When it was you I felt like I was gonna hurl.”
“Ya huh, sure. At least you knew what I was doing. You didn’t warn me at all.”
“You didn’t know what you were doing.”
“Yes I did, I was getting the poison out of you.”
“No you were just sucking out blood.”
“What do you mean?”
“I said their NAILS were poison tipped, not their TEETH.”
“Well said.”
“Leave me alone,” Terry said and put the piece of gum in his mouth.