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Kiera's Deep Space Nine Virtual Pet Family!

This page is dedicated to the caring souls who have brought home one of Kiera's Deep Space Nine Virtual Pets to love and cuddle and stuff!!!

It seems that the adopting process is slow, but hopefully people will begin seeing how damn cute these things really are... :)

Here are those who adopted early, and we are very happy to add them to our family!

They also adopted one for this page:

Memorial to Jadzia Dax Site

This page has adopted two!!! Crowdo AND Kirkoala!

This page is the first to adopt Gul-Dragmar!


This page has Ezri the Cat

Nicole deBoer Pics

This page has Ezri the Cat

Constable Odo's Security Office
Adopted Crowdo

Misty Kitty's Adopted Cats
She adopted Ezri, Julian and Kirk! Not bad!!

This crazy wonderful site adopted Gul DuGoat

Beverly and Johnny
They adopted Barklay the Chicken!!

If you would like to adopt your own Deep Space Nine VIrtual pet, click on the Bashir Fox Below:

Special Requests can be accomadated, and I hope to have the whole cast represented soon!

E-Mail: Kiera