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Adopt a Roswell Alien

All you need to do is:

Michael as a REAL alien Max as a REAL alien Isabelle as a REAL alien

This is what the wonderful alien characters from Roswell really look like. I'm sure of it!!! :) Well, even if they don't they're still fun. Please give them a good home!

Maria Wait-Person Liz Wait-Person

Ok, and here is my dedication to "the Girls". I thought it cute.

Please check out my NEW Roswell Site. Fan Fic, Guestbook to be Signed, links, pics, and more to come!!!

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Adopt a Trek Virtual Pet
Adopt a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Creature

Email: Kiera

People Who've Adopted:

WB Freakaholic's Anonymous--Adopted Max and Maria
Happygrl1004--Adopted Michael
There's Truth to Every Rumor--Adopted Isabelle
Meredith--Adopted ALL THREE aliens!

Kiera's Favorite Roswell Links

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