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Windstorm's Vidcaps

Welcome to my part of the page for alt.discuss.anime.dragonball

I'm really glad the group passed, because I really wanted to be able to have a group where I could go and talk about how cool those Saiyan warriors are. *S*

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Dragon Ball Z movie "Deadzone."

Gohan studying about cicadas before dinner time

Chi Chi trying to defend Gohan from kidnappers

Goku holding Chi Chi and trying to find out where the kidnappers have taken Gohan "Where? Where!"

Gohan wonders why he shouldn't eat the fruit that makes children see things

Gohan is tired after playing with the dinosaurs and lays down to sleep

With all 7 dragonballs, Garlic Jr. can make his wish for immortality

Goku speeding toward Garlic Jr.'s palace on the flying Nimbus

Goku outside Garlic Junior's palace asking "Where's Gohan?" "Is he in there?"

Before Goku goes into Garlic Jr.'s palace to rescue Gohan, Kami appears

Kulilin makes his appearance

Goku senses Piccolo's power before he sees him.

Piccolo is angry at Garlic Jr.'s three henchman for their past acts of unfair fighting.

Goku and Piccolo getting ready to fight Garlic Jr.

The battle won, Gohan doesn't remember that he was the one who defeated Garlic Jr. He is held by his father Goku, whom he thinks saved him.

Goku is proud and thinks: "Chi Chi would never believe it, but I think I'll tell her when Gohan gets a little older."

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