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This is the FAQ for the newsgroup and this site.

    Rules for Ng

  1. Don't over do your html
  2. Don't keep posting to long threads
  3. You can post off topic, but don't keep posting to that topic.
  4. Off topic post should be posted (OT).
  5. You shouldn't post anything hentai in the group. If you chose to post HENTAI in the subject with 18 and older sign.
  6. If we have a problem with a troll group DO NOT respond to any of their post. Just keep posting like we always do. If we have a problem with one troll it might be safe to beat him to death.

Rules for site

  1. Anybody is free to edit site.
  2. Don't mess the site up.
  3. If you want the password just ask.
  4. You can add anything you want. Except the stuff that can get it cancelled.


  1. Don't flame each other, unless your just kidding around with each other.
  2. Don't call a csa unless you there is no other solution.
  3. E-mail all the people that post in the Ng saying "come chat now" or somthing

Frequently Asked Questions by Posters.

Credit goes to for these Q&A.

Q: Can Saiyans breathe in space?
A: No (It's the majoriy vote)

Q: What are he accurate DBZ power levels?
A: Reference to Planet Namek's chart:

Q: What is the correct spelling of the DB character's names?
A: Dosen't matter as long as they're recognizable.

Q. Did Akira make DBGT?
A: No.

Q: How come Vegeta can blow up a planet, but Freeza can't?
A post by ฿rian answers this well:

Group: alt.discuss.anime.dragonball
Date: Tue, Jul 11, 2000, 8:03am (CDT+1)
From: (฿rian)
Re: If Piccolo could blow up the moon.....

Simple, this is what I've came up with. I've explained this before. The Moon has no life force whats so ever. The less life force a planet has the easier it is to destroy. Remember how long it took for Freeza to destroy Planet Namek? Cause, Planet Namek is a big planet and theres plenty of Plants and Animals on that planet.  

I'm sure you remember how big that Spirit Bomb was. Remember, how easily Vegeta destroyed the planet with those bug things. There was hardly any plant or animal life on that planet. Remember, how easily in Brolly's first movie he took out that planet where those little green slaves lived? Those aliens no longer lived there so less life force. Even in Movie 5 with Coola. Coola didn't just throw one beam with his eyes and Earth was gone. He had to gather up some energy and force it towards earth.

You do know that even Master Roshi has destroyed the Moon, but he some how gets it back after he removes Goku's tail in Dragon Ball.

Q: Is it Saiya-jin or Saiyan?
A: In Japan the jin is used to represent that it is a species, and not needed in America. So in Japan it's Saiya-jin, and in English it's Saiyan.

Q: How many forms of Super Saiyan are there?
A: SSJ, Ultimate SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, and SSJ4

Q: Where can I buy fansubs?
A: Your site here.

Q: Where can I find DBZ images?
A: your site here.

Q: Where can I find DBZ sounds?
A: Your site here.

Q: Who can I e-mail with questions if I can't find help on the massage board?
A: our e-mail here.