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The A.D.Anime.Dragonball Homepage

Kyle rules over all. Because he is like, ummm, the god or something of ADAD and stuff like that. He also didn't see his Vegeta is a Wuss page link anywhere. So it gets a nice spot here on the front page Go Here to visit! After forming this site and forming ADAD he notta! He's a nice guy so he's gonna let you go. The man is trying to bring me down I tell ya! Oh well Turles has made a new ADAD for WebTV'ers and Computer users. He also gets a nice link on the front page Gundam tech and the and the Forum! Oh well... untill next time ...."Good bye Kyle! Untill the day we meet again! " HO HO HE HAHA..egh..

alt.discuss.anime.dragonball is a group founded by Kyle. It is a group where all WebTVers who are fans of the show (Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT) can come to share their opinions, ideas, and their fan-stuff with other fans. This Group was passed on Tue Apr 6 01:00:09 1999.

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