What's In A Name?

Ever since Jessie found out she was pregnant, she and her husband had been entrenched in warfare. Not one that hurt either of them, in fact it was all in good fun and it was hard to remember a time when they weren't fighting, but her stubbornness didn't make her want to win any less. She met his blue-eyed stare with one of her own as they sat across each other at their kitchen table. It was seven thirty in the morning and they decided to start the day with a few choice points.

"Angela sounds like a goody-goody name," Jonny argued, gesturing with his hands. "I think we should name her Rayne."

"Rayne?!?" Jessie exclaimed. "Why not just name her Storm while we're at it?"

"R-A-Y-N-E," Jonny spelled. "It's a beautiful name."

"S-T-O-R-M-E," she countered.

Despite himself, Jonny laughed. He enjoyed these early morning debates and with the advent of their baby, it added a touch of sweetness to his day to be reminded that he would be a father soon. He rested his chin in his hand and stared at his wife.

"How about Kendall?" Jonny suggested.

She shook her head. "I don't like how it sounds."


"Neither of us are Irish."

"Maria, then. For her Spanish side."

She gave him a droll look. "Be serious."

He took drink of his coffee. "Hmm…how about Melissa?"

She shook her head. He threw up his arms in frustration.

"The kid's gonna come soon and we won't have a name for it!" he cried.

"She will have a name."

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say."

"How about Leia?" she said.

"What is this? Star Wars?"

"Don't be a smartass."

"I am not being a smartass!"

She gave him a look. He smiled sheepishly, offering an olive branch.

"Maybe just a little," he conceded. "I'll just say that I don't like the name."

"I want a special name," Jessie said. "Not something that you've never heard before, but something different."

Jonny put a forkful of egg in his mouth.

"How about Carla?" he said around the egg.

She raised an eyebrow and waved a piece of toast in the air. "It's a possibility."

"How generous of you to consider it."

She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Oh very mature, Mrs. Quest."

"Bannon-Quest," she corrected.

He sighed. "Sorry, ma'am."

"Don't mock me, Quest. I'm carrying our child. Don't aggravate me or the kid's gonna kick you in the shins even before she starts to crawl."

He broke into laughter. "That's my girl."

"How about Jordan," Jessie said, her eyes focused on a point on the ceiling.

"I thought you were sure it was going to be a girl?"

"I am. Jordan can be a girl's name too."

Jonny made a face. "I don't think she'd appreciate having a boy's name in that case."

"Jordan Jessica Bannon-Quest," she chanted dreamily. "That's a beautiful name."

What she didn't tell him was it wasn't the name Jordan that touched her heart, but it was Quest. It was her girlhood dream to fall in love and marry the man of her dreams. At the time, those dreams pertained to another young man in their acquaintance, but she grew out of him soon enough and finally found what she was looking for only to realize it had been under her nose all this time. She touched her husband's hand. He turned it over and held hers.

"If you really love that name…"

"We'll just say that it's a possibility," she interrupted.

Jonny played with her hand, running a thumb across her palm, massaging the back with his fingers. Jessie rested a hand on her rounding belly. She was already five months along and it was getting a little harder on her back when she tried to get around. Not that it stopped her from her research. Like her father-in-law, it would take nothing less than the destruction of her lab for her to stop from working. It was that facet of her personality that endeared her to the elder Quest, and he thought of her as his daughter even before she married his son. At that moment, she knew that Benton would be sitting at the kitchen table with her father, sipping coffee and reading the paper. She knew that he would be thinking the same thoughts he'd been thinking for more than twenty years.

"How about Rachel?" she said softly.

Jonny's fingers stilled on her hand. "Really?"

"Rachel Estella Bannon-Quest," she said, loving the sound and the meaning behind the name.

"My father would love that," Jonny said, leaning forward. "I would love that."

Jessie smiled. "Then I think we should name our first daughter that. Jordan Jessica will have to wait until she's born."

Jonny stood and pulled her to her feet, then to his arms. It was harder to hold her close now that their baby was growing inside her, but he managed.

"Thank you, Jess. As if it wasn't enough that you've given us a child…this…this…"

Jessie silenced him with a kiss. "It's the least I can do," she said with a wink.

He grinned. "Well, since you put it that way…"

It was harder nowadays, but he managed to tilt her back in his arms and give her a resounding kiss. She laughed, the sound filling their happy home.

"So does this mean that I won?" she asked between kisses.

She could feel his smile as he pressed his lips against hers, but it soon disappeared as the kiss grew deeper and filled them with their love. All thoughts of her winning disappeared. She would never admit it, but he won more times than he thought.

The End

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