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Author's Note: The third Trunks and new Gohan will be known as Evil Trunks and Evil Gohan. I love time travel.

Interlude Three

Future Pan glared at the two men standing before her, their expressions smug. They hadn't bothered tying her up because she would have nowhere to run. They were in a broken building, on a world so silent that the only sound was the breeze blowing outside. Angry at being so helpless, she looked down. Her stomach was rounding out, growing by the second, and pain paralyzed her. She could sense her unborn child, and she began to fear what these two were going to do with the baby.

My husband and my father. When is this nightmare going to end?

"I like Evil one better," Evil Trunks remarked, speaking out loud for her benefit. "This one looks tired."

Evil Gohan got down on his haunches next to her, peering into her face as if she were a specimen to be studied. "I don't know. I think with some sleep and three square meals, we'll could have her looking just as good."

"She won't have that chance though." Evil Trunks smiled, his expression feral as he got down on her other side. "You know that, don't you? You'll won't even be alive long enough to hold your child. Your...well, I wouldn't tell you what the gender is. It would ruin the surprise."

"I don't think anything can surprise me now," she snarled. "Where are we?"

Evil Gohan gestured with his hand. "Don't you recognize your planet?"

Future Pan gasped, her eyes filling with tears. "Bulma..."

"No," Evil Trunks snorted with disgust. "You're a dumb one. This is another Earth. One of our many conquests."

"You call this a conquest? Where are the conquered? What have you accomplished?"

"We have accomplished complete annihilation of a useless race. Several times. On hundreds..maybe even thousands of Earths, we have defeated you, your family, and friends. After that, we usually destroy the rest of the planet," Evil Gohan explained.

"We destroyed our Earth on a whim," Evil Trunks continued. "When we discovered the time machine my mother made for my father to travel in and destroy us as babies, we killed them both and took it. Fortunately, I'm smarter than my mother and I refigured it to not only be a time machine, but a dimensional jumper. And we are."


Evil Gohan and Evil Trunks exchanged a look.

"We're living out the purpose of the Saiyan race," Evil Gohan replied.

"And we're bored," Trunks answered flatly.

Future Pan glared at him. He glared back and out of the corner of her eye, she saw him raise his hand and she braced herself for the blow she knew was coming.

"Bitch," Trunks spat as she slumped forward, unconscious.

"Let's get out of here," Gohan said. "I'm sure the others are looking for her and we can have some fun with them."

They climbed aboard the time machine and piloting it with ease, Trunks took them back to Evil timeline. They flew to the Capsule Corp. tower and waited for the warriors to arrive. He knew this was where they would guess he and Gohan were hiding out.

They'll never find her, he thought with a proud smirk. Only I know where she is. Even this fool Gohan doesn't know exactly where we've brought her.

Suddenly, Gohan looked to the skies and could see tiny pinpricks of light moving at an incredible speed.

"They're coming for us," he said.

Trunks smirked. "Let them. We'll hit them in so many places, they won't know where to turn first."

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