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Interlude Two

The tall one straightened, eyes narrowed with annoyance and anger. I tire of this waiting. There is no point to it. We can crush them now. I don't understand why you insist on watching them like some sick...

His words were cut off when he felt a familiar point dug into the skin of his throat. The shorter one sneered in disgust.

If we move without thinking, we risk ourselves. They have a new ally, an ally we didn't count on.

A minor problem. We destroy him then destroy the rest of them. He sleeps now.

That's too easy. Besides, the shorter one smirked. It'll ruin our fun.

They looked below them where two lovers clung to each other desperately.

The tall one looked down at them with disdain. What about the girl?

We won't kill her until the child is born and we can continue our quest as a trio.

The child is barely formed. It will take time.

No. I've taken care of it. We'll have the child within a few days. Then, we will introduce ourselves to these assholes.

I can hardly wait.

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