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Interlude One

Two forms crouched in the shadows of the trees outside the Capsule Corporation compound. The shorter of the two leaned forward as far as he dared, watching silently as the people in the car filed out. The two women, and the two lavender haired men went into the house, but the dark-haired one paused. A frown on his face, he turned, his narrowed eyes studying his surroundings.

Get back.

The shorter one glared at his companion. Don't tell me what to do, Shit-for-brains.

The other grew angry. If he sees you, it'll be over.

If he sees me, then we deserve to die.

After exchanging a glare, they turned their eyes back to the dark-haired man. The shorter one grinned as he turned around and entered the house.

See, what did I tell you? he thought to his companion. These weaklings deserve death. It would be merciful to end their pitiful lives.

True enough. Just like the others.... The other frowned. But the arrival of the kid and the girl bothers me. And the girl is with child.

They'll just make things interesting, and the child will be useful to us. Since when did you become a sniveling whiner?

Since you decided to become a big-headed moron.

The shorter one put his hand on the back of the other's head, forcing him to come closer. Eyes as black as night met his defiantly and he saw an identical soullessness in those eyes as what he saw in his own every time he looked in the mirror.

Remember who your place.

The other sneered. Don't give me that crap. Without me, you'd be nothing.

They glared at each other again.

The other stood, barely disturbing the branch they were perched on. Let's get out of here.


In tandem, they shot to the sky, becoming two specks of light in the blink of an eye.

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