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Ragnar Fyri


I was born this way,

What's your excuse?

NYHET: Besøk mitt norske område på Tripod.

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Seriously, though, you shouldn't really need anything fancy except for a browser that will do tables, and even that it not essential for anything but the layout. However, if the quote below is not on a monochrome light blue background, you may experience difficulties with the Canada page (link further down). Try loading the page without graphics...

  I can't dance; I can't talk;  
  only thing about me is the way I walk  
                            --- Genesis  

Hello, world!

Useless thought for the day: The code for turning bold text on is <strong>, turning it off again is </strong>. But every time I get to that last tag, I have to resist the temptation to type <weak>!
As they say on Animaniacs, "This has been another (BOOM) useless fact!

Some personal data

Hobbies and interests include

Mixed links...

Storm in a honeypot
Is Canada really in outer space somewhere?!
How many puppies in 101?
Where I get my mail (free!)
Where (?) I play (Well, one of the places!)
My FIRST home page (gosh wow!) (Seems to be gone, try at your own risk.)
Oh yes, if you're still looking for my guest book,
try the link to "weirdos" at the top! ;-)
[If that doesn't work, try the one at my other site]


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