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The Complete List of Webzines

The Complete List of Webzines

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Welcome! Here you will find a list of webzines and e-zines. (Webzines are magazines that are on the web.) To get *your* webzine listed here, email me. You will need to inlude the following things when submitting your webzine:

Here are the webzines:

All About Jazz -The ultimate guide to everything jazz. AAJ is a resource by jazz fansfor jazz fans. Plenty of CD reviews, book reviews, ENSO audio reviews,Liquid Audio sound clips, interviews, articles, discussion threads, the BirdLives archives, fun quizzes, an artist's directory and more! For Hipsters over 22.

The Fresh Zone -Completely professional lookingzine with everything including... advice columns, entertainment, celebrity news, contests, real-life editorials, etc. For anyone and everyone.

Retrospective -A new webzine for teenagers who want to make a difference. Includes advice, horoscopes, quizzes, poetry, music, movies, opinions, and more. For teenage girls and guys.

Fadeout -The zine is for anyone over 12 .There are lots of things here. The only things that aren't in here are fashion , fitness, and flirting. For all teens.

Glitter Gals -Issues come out every2 weekswith over 15 different columns. For girls 10-17.

Teens Online -Teens Online is a site for teens. It is run, made, and was started by teens. Teens Online includes a teen magazine, chat room, sports site, discussion board, and listing of teen web sites. For teens ages 12-19.

~*Moon Beam*~ -This 'zine is just for fun and it's free. There are two sponsors andcontests in every issue. It comes out monthly. For girls over 10.

Maxi -Feminist perspective on pop culture, media critiques, news, featuresand more. For women in their 20's and 30's.

TWiLiTe -Well, TWiLiTe's kinda new to the zine scene (it started on May 2), but I try to make it as good as possible!It is not a fashion-beauty-guys-music-type zine, although it used to be. I decided there were too many of those around, and changed it. For anyone.

Teen Scene -Teen Scene comes out twice amonth, has over 15 articles, sponsors, contests, 256+ subscriber's! (May be one month zine soon!) For people 12 and up.

F.a.m.e -F.a.m.e is a free montly e-zine sentto over 450 girls on the internet. It contains these hip articles in monthly: Advice, Beauty, Celebrities, Hair, Health, Horoscopes, Fashion, Fitness, Makeup, Movie reviews, Music, Nails, quizzes, polls, and more to join e-mail For girls ages 10-18.

*Polish* -Polish is a like a teen zine withcolumns like Fitness, advice, ask a dude, freebies, current events, celebhangout and tons more. It comes out once a month. If you'd like to subscribe e-mail: For anyone.

Confused -tons of columns life Teen Life,music mania, movie maniac, poetry, quotes, and tons more! A zine written byteens for teens! 100% free! For anyone.

Phitzzat -Zine for girls only talking about various issue's and columns including columns on music, beauty,fashion, horoscopes, quizes...etc. For girls 11-19.

Skatedork -Skatedork is a zine about skateboarding, it's as simple as that. We think there's not enough written that focuses on the personal side of skateboarding, instead of simply covering pro skaters, and what the latest tech tricks are. Skateboarding's a very personal, individual sport, and if you don't treat it like that, there's no fun to be had. You should skateboard because it's fun, and that's something you should not ever forget.

Pearlz -Pearlz is an E-Zine aimed at Girls around 8-17. We have a totally *shimmering* layout, and loads of cool columns. We care about our readers, and have an organized, easy-read yet fun and *shimmery* layout. None of the HUGE, LOUD, BOSSY words and colours which put you off totally. For girls 8-17.

*Sparklez* -A cool new FREE e-zine with lotsa cool stuff like advice, health & fitness, music info, beauty tips, and much, much more! For teenage girls.

CTEEN -CTEEN is an e-zine made by teens and for teens. It deals with subjects from technology, music, tv, advice, opinions and careers. A definite must see and definitely one for the bookmarks! For teenagers.

Teenvoice -Teenvoice is an all-teen created cyberjournal featuring outlets for the arts, entertainment news, teen fashion, cars, guidance, h.s., pro, and college sports, hard news features; Teenvoice invites all teens to become part of a growing network of teens nationally, teens wired to a commitment which aggressively seeks to assert "news" and information in a voice particular to teens and which articulates to all a perspective often missing from mainstream news media--with opportunities to submit online! For teenagers.

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