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Maeve LeBeau

You are about to read the story of my life. Tis nae a sad story, nor is it a happy story. Tis naught glamorous or exciting about it. Tis the story of one life ending, and another beginning. Tis my story, Maeve LeBeau.

Left behind by my parents at the age of six, I found myself on the streets of Rhydin with no one to care for me but myself. I survived in rags and on scraps of food thrown in the gutters. I hid in the shadows of buildings from the creatures I discovered living in the night.

As a teenager I spent most of my time serving food and drinks in taverns to dirty old men with hungry eyes. There were others I served in these taverns. Beings with transluscent skin and eyes that looked as if they could see right through you. Beings so beautiful and sensual, that I found myself captivated by them. In time I learned what they were....Vampires! I spent my time watching them from afar. One night I found myself following one of these beings through the streets of Rhydin. I wanted to know more. I hid in the shadows and watched him walk for what seemed like ages. I felt I was going in circles. When finally he stopped and entered a place known as the Vampire Tavern. I crept to the window and looked through. To my amazement the tavern was filled with beings with the same pale skin and penetrating eyes. I also noticed there were a few beings like myself. For nights I went back to this tavern watching the behaviors of the vampires. I was discovering a world inside my own that I never knew existed.

By the time I was twenty years of age I had befriended one in particular. One now long gone. Twas at this age that I discovered my love for their lifestyle. I learned which could be trusted and which to stay away from. I soon was told of something called "the vampire's kiss" or about being "embraced". To be immortal! How the thought charmed my mind. Within time I discovered that I too wished to be one of these beautiful, enchanting creatures. Before the one who taught me vanished he told me how to go about finding a sire. Remembering his words I went off on my own to find the one that would embrace me. The one I found was the one who became my mentor, father and sire. The one known as Remy Kevin LeBeau(RLeBeau2). He gave me his immortal kiss and taught me everything I needed to know to survive in my new life, or death if you wish. Twas the best gift ever given to me by another. Together we have built our family, The Keepers of the Masquerade(KotM), with hopes of keeping the beauty and meaning to our immortal existance. Together we stand before eternity, ready to face what lies ahead. Look into the night if you want to find me....for tis there that I will be forever.

The dark of night whispers around my face,
Your gentle kiss----so I am of your kind.
I close my eyes and accept your eternal embrace,
Sweet ecsatsy of forever charms my mind.
I cannae get enough of my kindred love,
Is forever going to be long enough.
You're patient and teach me the ways of,
Vampire strength, I must be made tough.
I am a single petal in the Clan of the Rose,
A Toreador! Passionate and sweet.
I fall in love with art and prose,
Yet I fight with graceful defeat.
Maeve LeBeau is my name my friend.
Remember it well, for I'll be the one standing in the end.

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