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The Dreamcast will be sega's next system. It will boast some heavy components in an effort to set right waht the 32x, Sega CD and Saturn did to the confidence of the public in Sega. While the system is technologicaly very advanced by the tim eit comes out in the US it will not be most likely and with Sony's next system on the horizon it may not fair as well as hoped by Sega
Project X
This system will be included in Toshiba's DVD players. The Project X chip will be used as the MPEG decoder as well as the chip wich produces graphices ect.. The actual abilities of the chip are not know and while it can handle non-polygon engines it can not do it to well possibly minus the VOXEL engine. The raytracing can not be used to create anything more than the 3 balls we have come to see very often. While the chip may not succeed as a video game system it still may atleast hold its own as a Mpeg decoder.
Nintendo 64
WHile a great system and presently the most advanced in circulation it is not as high a technological leap as first percieved by many. The system suffered at the hands of time and the Playstation. With the 4MB ram expansion it will hopefully be able to produce graphics capable of holding the system afloat till Nintendo's next system can come out.