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Welcome to one of the largest Green Ghost sites on the Web. With Green Ghost games, graphics from the original game and Marx re-issue, great images of Green Ghosts sister game ka-bala, images of the orginal transogram catalog featuring the game and the full page Green Ghost ad from within the catalog, a spare parts page, the Green Ghost book page and finally the brand new Transogram/Marx trading board. So turn out the light and come on in.... With the glowing Green Ghost.
If you don't know the history of the game here is a quick rundown. Green Ghost was created and sold by the Transogram toy company in the mid 1960's. It was marketed as the the first "SPOOKY" glow in the dark board game. They also made "Kabala" another spooky glow in the dark game featuring a creepy giant Eye hovering over the center of the board (sorry Marx is not making that one yet). "Green Ghost" disappeared from store shelves when the Transogram company went under. Marx toys suffered a similar fate years later.

Several years ago a new investment group bought the original molds and the Marx name from the bankruptcy holders and restarted the Marx company. Along with the classic Marx toys they have also bought the molds and rights to a few other lost classics and have begun to bring them back. So after decades in the dark the glowing Green Ghost is back.

In Association with Amazon.comMarx toys are now available at
If your looking for a copy of the Green Ghost game by Marx you can now get them directly from Marx 1-800-808-MARX they are 29.95 + shipping.

Click here if you would like to see an image of the original Transogram Green Ghost game and the 1966 catalog ad from transogram. Transogram game image
Click here if you would like to see an images of the original Transogram Kabala game and the 1966 transogram catalog that featured both. Kabala game and Catalog images

Green Ghost Mystery book
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