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40 Ounces of

Sublime is...
Brad: vocals, guitar, songwriter
Eric: bass guitar, SH101
Bud: drums and sampler
Lou Dog: Brad's dog

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11~14~01 Hey fellow sublime fans, sorry I havent been updating much. I just started my first year in college, things are kinda hectic. I just updated the "chica me tipo" lyrics, I think you'll all find that they seem to make more sense now. I also updated the "Me" page because most of the info on there was outdated. Also, there's an autobiography picture book called "Crazy Fool", which is all about the life of Brad. I've seen it in Hot Topic, and I hear u can buy it online at Everyone should check it out, it's an awesome book. *****Irina
Here's a scholarship fund started for Brad's son... all support helps!!
Jakob James Nowell Scholarship Fund
275 Redondo Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90803

Bud and Eric are now in a new band, called the Long Beach Dub Allstars (LBDAS) Go check out skunk's page and read more about them.

sublime (se blim) adj. : 1. inspiring awe or admiration, 2. noble; exalted

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If your looking for Sublime CD's or any merchandise by Sublime, or u just wanna look for some other bands, check out CDnow-they have everything. CDnow
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