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Ramon’s (simple) Home Page

Last updated December 10th, 1999
Visitors since November 3rd, 1998

This is my simple, sporatically updated home page...
After ten months at my new job, I finally have some free time!
Here are a couple of Windows programs I wrote...

Mini Resource Monitor v 1.2
A colorful FREEWARE resource monitor for Windows 3.1, MiniMon will keep you constantly informed of your PC’s In addition, it has “always on top” capability, and even saves its screen position. And when minimized, MiniMon’s icon is a miniatue version of the full-sized colorful gauge display! Now, MiniMon also compacts Windows 3.1 Virtual Memory!
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Disk Format Utility v 2.10
A FREEWARE floppy disk formatting program for Windows 3.1 (doesn’t work in Windows 95), DiskUtil’s main features include:
  • Automatically detects your PC’s floppy drive types
  • Slightly smoother “background processing” than File Manager’s Format Disk dialog
  • Quick Format clears the floppy disk of any files
  • Full Format also checks the floppy disk for bad sectors
  • Formats disks to any capacity supported by your PC’s disk drives
  • Can create “boot disks” or “system disks”
  • Saves its on-screen position and the state of all selected options
  • Progress gauge text and background colors can be set
  • Summary Dialog can be closed with “Enter” keypress
  • Can launch a “DiskView” program to view a floppy disk’s contents without loading File Manager.
Download DiskUtil 2.1 ONLY... (135 KB)
Download both DiskUtil 2.1 and DiskView 0.5... (256 KB)
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Disk Viewer v0.5
A FREEWARE program which provides a simple Windows File Manager or Explorer-like window to view the contents of a directory or disk.
Originally created as a companion “viewer” program for DiskUtil, but can also be used alone. Its main features include:
  • Startup with command-line parameters:
    • Running DiskView with the command line “DISKVIEW.EXE C:\WINDOWS” at the Run Dialog will launch DiskView showing the contents of the C:\WINDOWS directory.
    • The command line “DISKVIEW D” will launch DiskView showing the contents of drive D's root directory (D:\)
  • Status bar provides information about the currently selected file(s), and right-clicking provides more detailed file info
Download DiskView 0.5 ONLY... (121 KB)
Download both DiskUtil 2.1 and DiskView 0.5... (256 KB)
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Note Calendar v 0.91 Click here for a screen shot of NoteCal
NoteCal is a FREEWARE calendar program that allows you to save a short note (about 400 characters max) for each calendar day, and as a visual reminder, part of the actual note text will be visible in the calendar grid!
Features include:
  • Prints a month-view calendar with notes in the corresponding days!
  • Accepts drag-and-drop of document files from File Manager or Explorer
  • History list of recently-accessed files in File|Open and File|Save dialogs
  • Shortcut Keys to easily navigate calendar by date, or by note
  • Truly flickerless calendar repainting when changing calendar month or year
  • Selecting "File|New" creates a new empty "untitled" file, just like any other Windows program does
  • "File|Save As" option to save as text file
  • 3D-style window frame drawing has been discarded for simplicity and reduced GDI resource consumption
  • More internal code cleanup

Download NoteCal 0.91... (184 KB)
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