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Teletubbies Land II

Hello, I've FINALLY updated this page!! I'm just going to say I probably won't be updating this site anymore, that means that the penpals section doesn't work. My new emai is if you'd like to email me!This page is a better version of my old site which got over 3500 hits! Teletubbies land II was made December 18 1998.

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Who's you favorite teletubbie?

Tinky Winky
Baby Sun

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My Tubby Features:

The award that I won!
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Tubby quiz!
What are teletubbies?
A story about Laa-Laa
This is a really easy game
The teletubbies are going to the zoo, what will they find?
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laa-laa bio (more coming soon)
*NEW* The talking Po doll Problem
*NEW* message board
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