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Anthrax, The Perfect CIA Weapon

This article explores murderous and reckless CIA/DIA treason and the powerful and compelling case exposing it's deliberate, criminal role in preparing and aiding the 9-11 attacks on America, the Anthrax murder of Bob Stevens, and the needless, ostensibly religious socialist murders of million of others, including many thousands of Americans.

This analysis was originally published in early October 2001, it may be reproduced for non-commercial public use, or excerpted as allowed by law with appropriate credit to the author, Philip Prescott ©2001. Updated: Sep. 10 2002, Feb 28 2004.


The coincidence of 9-11 events and the Anthrax murders is simply too convenient and opportune to be dismissed as mere chance. These two acts of malicious criminal ultraviolence are each of such an outrageous nature that they can hardly be considered in isolation, much less so when one begins to 'connect the dots' to see the direct, intimate cause and effect relationships between them. Foremost is the simple fact that extreme right wing conservative fascist elements of all three major western religious-socialist 'faiths' share a communal dogma, which dictates to them the method of staging a globe-shattering 'Armaggedon', and all three were irrefutably in control and at the very heart of the planning and execution of the 9-11 tragedy contrived as a "Daniel Chapter 8 Show".

These small, noble elite's near-global fascist empires wield power and domination over international events and relations through the imperialist, top secret 'foreign vice/intelligence' black ops criminal mafias of many helpless major world governments. These criminal "Pirates of God" are deliberately engineering and abetting a global 'war' between Judeo-Christians and Muslims over Jerusalem, and none have any desire for peace. Moreover, they appear to have secretly formed a cooperative-dogmatic 'biblical' alliance about nothing other than killing off one another according to their differing interpretations of the prophecied 'rewards' they think they will 'earn' for their respective cult!

In fact, in each side's perverse, brainwashed little religious socialist minds, they are certain that their god has personally told them exactly how they must fulfill the ghastly 'end of times' nonsense outlined in their dogma-books. Ironically to Roman Catholics, the largest component of the most powerful group (and most other normal, sane beings), the very idea of 'engineering' the 'fulfillment' of a prophecy of any sort, let alone one so disasterous as Armageddon, is the greatest of all sin and heresy!

The specific motives outlined below is an illustration. It draws attention to a known casino 'catering' CIA-cutout operation with little basis in investigated fact, and is merely illustrative of any of many other possible, exactly similar conspiratorial motives. The very Mossad criminals caught rejoicing at the sight of the WTC disaster lived a block away from Mohammed Atta in Florida for months, and it is also a matter of fact that many Mossad, MI6 and CIA mafia criminals email addresses where also in Mohammed Atta's email address book.

In addition to that fact, the military industrial cabalists controlling the US Pentagon deliberately refurbished one wing of the building - a wing that the terrorists may have had to pay some traitor like a DIA mafiosi to let them know where the most prominent officials may have moved their offices. Meetings between DIA Mafiosi and Atta may well have been the subject of some embarrassing photos, but by far, not the only likely motive!

Are you completely disgusted at the lack of coherent explanations to our post 9-11 spate of anthrax poisoning madness? Join the club. Even the so-called "9-11 Commission" ostensibly instituted by CIA mafia thralls in the upper echelons of the US government, to 'investigate' the most horrendous attacks to have ever been perpetrated against our country, has been deliberately forbidden from examining anything that happened after or as a direct result of the 9-11 attacks themselves. Here is a combination of theories and arguments that agree with the facts and focus on the clear evidence available to the public concerning these so-called 'terrorist' crimes and the most obvious and likely criminal accessories of our select, American trained, Saudi and Egyptian hijackers who in many cases came here with visas granted illegally due to obvious State Department corruption:

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!" - Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The CIA weapon is always tailored to suit the crime!

Lets say you are a covert agent who has, for some time over the last 50 years, been employed in covert terrorism, intelligence, and dirty tricks plots and intelligence front companies, in a variety of schemes and scandals, aimed at subverting foreign governments, assassinations, break ins, illegal armies, terrorism, drugs for arms, counter insurgency, laundering money, illicit shipping, drug wars etc.. The ones who President Carter fired, affectionately referred to themselves as 'old whores', and thier treasonous defection to the Reagan-Bush Campaign cost eight American Marines their lives, our American hostages in Iran their freedom until the following January, President Carter an election, and to America and the rest of the world - the CIA Mafia's $6 Billion dollar Taliban terrorist regime.

What if a photo editor had shown copies of candid surveillance images of 'unidentified individuals' in a very compromising situation to you, or one of your operatives for identification tips? Let's assume a covert operation had gone 'bad', and agents of one of your well known front companies could now be implicated in a massive national security scandal, involving the sale of classified 'black ops' aviation (unmonitored VHF/UHF communications bands and frequencies - 'we have more planes') secrets and sensitive NORAD and USAF continental defense schedules, procedures and readiness information.

What would have happened if Flight 11 had been intercepted, challenged and downed in time, by the USAF or ANG, outside of New York City? These terrorists Achilles heel was their need to know of the status of NORAD/USAF/ANG readiness and the progress of their associates to coordinate their fiendish attacks, and prioritize their hijacked airliners targets. They definitely needed. at the very least, classified, reliable information about the NORAD's deployments, civil aviation monitoring and state of readiness. It would have been disastrous to their plans if the Air National Guard, USAF or Coast Guard or any other airborne defence resources, even trainers, would have been already in flight nearby!

The hijackers also likely needed to be able to communicate securely between airliners and have and prioritize a list of alternate targets. Each hijacked plane had two terrorists in the cockpit, when only one was needed for the ghoulish steering job. Worse still, from the analysis it seems that they most likely also had active cooperation and assistance from stunningly useless and ineffective US military Command and Control traitors, who clearly seemed, by complete dereliction of their duties, to have done everything possible to assist this 'airliners as missiles' plot.

Payne Stewart's doomed Learjet was intercepted within 16 minutes in 1999. In fact from September 2000 to June of 2001, no fewer than 67 similar interceptions occurred in US airspace, but then for no apparent reason, in early July this routine vigilance suddenly ceased. The 4 planes involved in the attacks cruised leisurely, for between 28-45 minutes each, across the airspace of 12 States, in which their are no less than 55 active military airbases!! More than half of them (30) fly as many as 6 training sorties a day!

The terrorists strangely congregated in Las Vegas to finalize their plans, where video surveillance, facial matching and image archiving is commonplace, for a very important reason. One of the most prominent links between the covert peacetime CIA Mafia and the Taliban during the $6 billion Afghanistan terrorist funding program in the Reagan/Bush years was a CIA front, worldwide casino concessions operation called Island Tobacco Corp. What if somebody, like a bored video security guy, found images of a few of the terrorists, meeting some suit associated with a major CIA 'private defence contractor' front company, at a particular bar, restaurant or lounge, so soon after the public revelation of their identities was revealed by the FBI? What if he sent them in to a photo editor friend of his?

During the summer of 2001, George Tenet, the CIA mob boss, makes a sudden, secret trip to meet with Dictator Moshareef in Pakistan, a Saddam-clone the ignorant young George W. Bush apparently did not even know existed 6 months earlier. A few weeks later, it has been revealed that one of Dictator Moshareef's favored ISI mob Chiefs, one Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed ordered the wire transfer by Ahmad (really identified as Saeed Sheik, a longtime MI6-CIA-ISI go between and top Al Qaeda financier, using the alias Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad) of $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, then in sunny Las Vegas. Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed was recently replaced under 'pressure' from the CIA's nuclear-armed Dictator Moshareef, after this money transfer was disclosed in India and confirmed by the FBI. Incidentally, this is the very same Lt. Gen. Mahmood who was having a breakfast meeting with the chairmen of the CIA Mafia's handpicked noble, elite, secret House and Senate Intelligence Subcommittee in Washington on the morning of Sept 11! Porter Goss, a self admitted CIA mafiosi, graduated to politics (don't they all?), John Kyl and Bob Graham were either discussing Osama Bin Ladin and Afghan terrorism (who better) or how to replace the money, with one of CIA's major foriegn partners in crime..

It's also worthy to note that the Taliban and it's little Al Qaeda Mafia where a wholly-owned creation of Pakistan's ISI, and the American CIA with strong support from Saudi and UAE warlords. Virtually all of the $6 to 40 Billion US drug and CIA budget cheques lavished by Reagan/Bush's boys and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah on the ISI regime to make Afghanistan into a Vietnam was made out to them. Most amusing are the thousands of little knock off gun factories, who made the ISI billions by building them copies of Soviet weapons for the Mujihadeen so that CIA mafia 'reporters' who pose as US 'media' could report that 'starving' Russian troops were 'selling them' to their enemies! They made them so cheap in fact, that Pakistan, a starving, polluted and impoverished little Military Junta had ample funds to develop "it's own" nuclear weapons and missile programs.

It has been well known for years that American Media and it's Bruno Magli photo resources are "the largest and most comprehensive domestic covert intelligence operation" in the US. Let's say that you, or the contact or another fellow operative was already on the staff of the tabloid newspapers or even that your organization was firmly and deeply in control of both local and federal 'law' enforcement agencies in the South Florida, as well as major 'private' CIA connected security front companies and you could easily recoup the evidence of this covert involvement, at will, as long as this troublesome editor became indisposed while awaiting your identification expertise?

There are numerous reasons why, and places where meetings must have occurred between Atta and other interesting friends who lived in the neighborhood, even if we discount the Las vegas connection.

CIA Considerations:

  • Secure, collect and dispose of other copies of the evidence before the editor finds out what he has.

  • Dispose of the editor so that his recollections will not be an issue.

  • Deflect attention from the situation by using an extraordinary, but not too violent means.

  • Deflect attention from the primary target by launching numerous, similar 'dummy' attacks.

  • Alert the public to any threat that possibly leaked anthrax may pose, but do it as sloppily and ineffectively as possible, to minimize casualties.

  • Make it look like foreign terrorists and avoid attacking Senators unless, at very least; they're Jewish, or part of the ruling pro-CIA Republican Party.

CIA Solutions:

  • Use a volatile weapon that quickly sickens and then kills the editor, while he awaits the tip that never comes, and one that will secure the scene and his associates while you can leisurely verify a total 'clean up'.

  • A powerful and deadly surprise anthrax poisoning would be an ideal weapon to use against the photo editor and his news agency in order to both dispose of the waiting journalist, and get at his and any other connected computers or files.

  • Later, cover up your original crime by sending out more seemingly random, sloppy and semi deadly pseudo attacks to confuse the situation, and make it look like further activities of foreign terrorists, mailing them from within well known Muslim communities within the US.

An Al Qaeda Weapon, To Suit A Terrorist Crime?

Would you try to import a strange powdery substance of any sort through US customs? Would you try to enter the United States with a "dope dealer" tattoo on your forehead?

Aren't all international letters scanned for small drug packets etc? Isn't the addressee a fatal issue here? What if punctured or broken in violent mail sorting equipment? This is not an importation possibility. Even if it was missed, wouldn't X Rays degrade or expose it? How could it possibly be both concealed and safely transported? Even if it were well enough disguised and customs inspected and found 'harmless' wouldn't the customs or DEA agent get infected tasting or smelling it, leading right back to your or it's arrival?

Why go to the trouble and risk of importing it here, when they could use it directly on Israel, Saudi or Egyptian opponents and against US interests in their own lands, or in Europe (where CIA mafiosi falsely and foolishly alleged it may have been 'passed' to them) for that matter?

Would you have years and $millions worth of lab equipment (Level 3 or 4 lab) to find, identify, grow and refine high quality weapons grade, inhalable B. anthracis? Even with a few PHD microbiologists and many technicians, only a crudest grades could be economically produced without advanced monoclonal engineering.

Wouldn't the potential for self contamination in some low grade $million laboratory environment simply kill your own agents, and alert public health officials? Modern (post 1970's) anthrax weapons would all be of the monoclonal, perfectly uniform DNA-identical inhalable size, which can be grown more quickly, are pre-selected for antibiotic resistance, and require incredibly less refining and highly advanced preparation to produce the very finest aerosol grade.

If you even had a modest quantity of such a high grade agent, wouldn't you put it in a salad bar, smorgasbord, supermarket foods, dust a tunnel, pop a balloon or some other easily imaginable technique close to a major political target where it could quickly claim the largest number of surprised, random victims? Just dusting the windshields of cars in the congressional parking lot would be incredibly effective! The list of other, more substantial ways such a valuable terrorism asset could be easily deployed is very, very long; mail is at the bottom of this list, unless there was just one single, specific, important target victim!

Would such a nuisance tactic such as largely ineffectual secretarial 'terror mail' kill the enemy, damage their economy, destroy a vital asset or just annoy them and possibly lead back to you? Lets say you are dutifully poisoning postmen, secretaries and attacking Democratic Senators, would you not drive 20 minutes outside of say, the huge kingdom of New Jersey to mail out your wasteful nuisance attacks?

Wouldn't you carefully preserve the vital element of surprise to get the greatest mileage out of your precious weapon?

If you were a Muslim extremist, and were to write a note to accompany your poisoning, would you include a reference to Allah, at the end of it, like a lax Christian afterthought? 'God is Great' is the equivalent of 'Hello' in Muslim society! A devout Muslim extremist thinks of his God both in salutation and farewells.

Al Qaeda Considerations:

  • Inflict the largest number of casualties possible in a highly visible 'media moment'.

  • Cause maximum devastation, insecurity and substantial economic hardship.

  • Demoralize and confound a 'helpless' enemy.

  • Attack important, meaningful, essential enemy targets.

  • Not attract undue attention to your own community and cell.

  • Not diffuse attention from the war and wartime 'atrocities' you have already sacrificed so much to instigate.

  • Only possible purpose of such a strategy would be to also induce a counter-attack against Iraq.

  • Do not do your arch enemy any favors. Attack your enemy, not his political opponents.

Al Qaeda Solutions:

  • Destabilizing the US Postal service has benefits, but only if a truly random, unpredictable scheme of attacks were implemented.

  • An agent who wasted perfectly good anthrax on such tiny, pointless and poorly defined targets might be considered a traitor.

  • An agent who risked his time and cover to plan and launch meaningless, ineffectual nuisance annoyances upon the enemy and even to aid the US President and his party to take unopposed control of his government would be a fool.

  • If one wanted to broaden the war, such a strategy could have merit, but according to the foregone plans of the US Vice President this has always been a likely 'good eventuality' based on his empty, financially (Haliburton/Dresser) motivated anti-Iraq rhetoric, which coincides exactly with the Anglican CIA Mafia line. Unfortunately, getting rid of Saddam for the Islamic Imperialist Mullahs behind Al Qaeda, would give them total control of OPEC, with us to blame for our own misfortune. This has always been a transparent strategy trap for the US, designed by the Mullahs when they approved Kuwait's slant-drilling oil-theft scam in the first place.

  • If Al Qaeda thought that they could deflect blame for their 9/11 attack towards Iraq, escaping notice themselves, it might be reasonable to use such a strategy. Even attacking only Democrats may have been a subversive tactic, but so many countries were implicated by the Saudi, Egyptian and Lebanese agents that also point to Palestinian involvement there is little reason to believe that the issues of Palestine and the Kuwaiti or Iraqi tyrants was the primary motive.
It is painfully obvious that while the anthrax attacks obviously have something to do with the hijackings, we are looking at two very different enemies of the American people with quite different aims, intentions and goals. The anthrax murdr of Bob Stevens was an arrogant, stupid and transparently foolish attempt to accomplish a clearly focused, well defined goal and purpose, with convenient side effects, while the September 11th hijackings and prior suicide bombings were cogent, frontal assaults far more violent, demonstrative, outrageous, indiscriminate and assuredly deadly.
11 years after the Kuwait re-conquest, the cold war CIA terrorist agency has suddenly changed it's tune! Scott Ritter, UN Weapons Inspector who was withdrawn from Saddam Hussein's pseudo-Republic in 1998, left UNSCOM just after a freshly-appointed UN bureaucrat and CIA agent Richard Butler took over. From the BBC, late September 2001 Scott said:

After the war, the UN Special Commission on Iraq (UNSCOM) destroyed the remaining production and stockpiling facilities for biological warfare in Iraq. "By 1998, we were able to establish that Iraq had no capability of producing biological weapons," a former UN inspector, Scott Ritter, told the BBC in 1999.

Both former CIA terrorism Director Woolsey and his all too obviously biased covert operative, Richard Butler, who was inserted as a UNSCOM bureaucrat assuming control of the UN inspection operations during their final year, and who supervised the attempted US conversion of inspections into a covert CIA signals-spying mission, have been aggressively trying to say otherwise. Both agent Butler and former mob boss Woolsey, in a unified CIA disinformation chorus, have been hitting the media circuits propounding the laughable myth that only 3 places on earth possess anthrax, the US, Russia and Iraq! Mr. Woolsey does not read his own reports apparently. The Egyptian Jihad is also said (embassy bombing investigations) to have purchased an anthrax sample back in the late 70's for $3,900 from a 'southeast Asian' source, most likely Japan or North Korea, a fact of testimony which the CIA propaganda machine are now desperately trying to bury! 1999 Report Korean Anthrax, Nuke, Missile programs. (written before the Axis of Evil speech -auth)

Czech Republic foreign minister Jan Kevan, a known CIA Mafia thrall, was named as the source of now completely disproven tales of several 'possible' meetings between Mohammed Atta and the Iraqi 2nd Consul, Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani, a "senior Iraqi intelligence agent" as supposedly related by one of their Bezpecnostni Informacni Sluzby (BIS) mafia spooks. Indeed, if this agent, or their government knew of any 'passing of vials' why wouldn't they tip off customs authorities on Atta to see what they had on the Iraqi? This type of 'passive snooping' makes no sense, considering the notable backgrounds of these two. According to Russian sources, they 'may' have discussed hijacked airliner plots to attack the WTC and Pentagon, and another to attack a Radio Free Europe tower with hijacked airliners, but this information came to the Soviets first from 'undisclosed' (back channel CIA and Mossad) covert sources!

A US Navy Lt. Vreeland, now in custody in Toronto, together with his lawyer, officially informed US CIA 'intelligence' of this, a full month before the attacks, transcribed from documents passed by the Russian intelligence Mafiosi last July. (July 2001) Lt. Vreeland was sent by the CIA to Moscow to pass the Russian documents to a Canadian CSIS agent as part of the CIA Military-Industrial Mafia's ABM boondoggle promotion program, but somehow this prescient hijacking report was in the package. The Iraqi Consul was also being observed by a former NKVD Russian agent, and was actually reported to be acting as a member of Syrian Hezbollah to whom he is firmly connected. This explains why the suspect was kept in the shade from his Iraqi Embassy digs, and why the clandestine meetings would have been arranged outside of the safety of the Iraqi Consulate. (while the Czech Republic side of this misleading rumor has since been completely disproven, and the FBI have confirmed that Atta was definitely in Florida at this time, the much more solid Russian angle on the subject of the meeting is as yet unresolved -auth)

This Ames strain of anthrax is coincidentally the same, pre-genetic engineering (most modern weaponization) form of finely grained, aerosol type 'weaponized' anthrax the US defence department laboriously manufactured in the 1950's and Nixon supposedly destroyed back in the 70's. It is also interesting that the only other time it has come up in an American plot context, was when the ex-Cuban CIA anti-Castro Mafia, acting on behalf of then-VP Nixon had requisitioned some from the CIA's Technical Services Division(TSD) in 1958 to use in a crop duster "aerosol" Havana radio station assassination attack plot against Fidel Castro - the 'chemical' was later toned down to an airborne 'LSD' while the plan itself was cancelled as too risky. This was, however, the precursor to the official JFK ordered, failed 'Operation Mongoose' cigar/food B. botulin (botulism) scheme and a later B. tubercle (tuberculosis) 'Donovan's' diving suit scheme! CIA TSD. experts have always shown a distinct preference for biological diseases, rather than chemical weapons in their terrorist attacks, simply because 'people do get sick.. don't they?'.

There is no mention of the perfect precision cloning of all-ideal sub-2 micron spores, as would be expected of any modern monoclonal DNA-engineered 'perfect' weaponization. Indeed, the Ames family is just a 40's era mongrel family of household anthrax, the very sort the US laboriously manufactured way back in the 1950s and '60s. Ames is susceptible to all antibiotics, because it is 'wild' and grows many different sized spores, requiring dangerous 'milling' and thus is not generally suitable for modern 'weaponization'. No intelligent, or efficient post 1975 anthrax program would bother to use such an antibiotics-vulnerable mongrel family-strain, except for counter-terrorism research. In 1974, recombinant DNA technology revolutionized microbiology. Saddam Hussein came to power in 1979 and all their anthrax development occurred in 1980's, long after the gene splicing revolution. There are many newer antibiotic and vaccine resistant cloned grades of anthrax, which was what Iraq had only produced in liquid form. There is no value to a 'biological weapon' that merely makes people sick!

It has now been determined that not only was this particular strain of Anthrax the exact sort that has recently been (illegally) reproduced by US weapons labs, it is also treated and milled in the exact same manner as that, and it's illegal, criminal US manufacture may be less than two years old! In addition, we have found a CIA memo signed by Thomas Karamessines, and somehow leaked to the Senate, which now informs us that the CIA admits it illegally 'kept' 100 grams of this powdered, weaponized anthrax, for it's own criminal purposes, even after Nixon's Bioweapons Convention went into effect! So some of that old stockpile was also still around?.

The Four Anthrax source likelihood's, in sorted order:

  • Domestic Government

    This is, by far, the most likely source of this particular mild 'generic' strain of 'old-fashioned' weaponized anthrax. No reasonably intelligent, or reasonably law abiding group of biochemists would produce such a dangerous WMD, unless it was done under a government or defence contract. It is also quite obvious that if this were a government commissioned project, it would have to be a very old one, since microbiology was revolutionized in the early 70's by recombinant DNA discoveries, and vastly more deadly and more perfectly efficient means of producing such weapons has been with us ever since. The only question is, whether it was the 50's era military labs (who also claim to not have used bentonite as an additive), or whether this was a secretly commissioned batch such as the CIA's Technical Services Division (TSD) might have ordered for a specific covert job.

    Now, let's examine the dawn of state-sponsored bioterrorism in America. Setting the scene, we have to bear in mind that Vice President Nixon's buddies, Messrs. Rebozo and Rodriguez, had a very interesting and colorful boss, who later became a CIA director, in spite of the fact that he had apparently perjured himself before the US Senate.

    According to the Inspector Generals Report the CIA's TSD always preferred to use biological weapons, since people get diseases naturally. For some reason, earlier Nixon plots to assassinate Castro were toned down to aerosol "LSD" and some sort of "Beard Removal Chemical", but all the Presidentially-authorized ones involved bioweapons like Botulism and Tuberculosis germs. Only a moron would attack a Cuban radio station with a crop duster that sprayed LSD, one wouldn't even need an autopsy to see through that! This report was stupidly 'sanitized' & anthrax was undoubtedly the true aerosol. CIA terrorist bosses seldom, if ever, bother to recover bioweapons they produced for these, and many other unconstitutional and illegal terrorist schemes farmed out to unregulated front company 'privateers' without any congressional 'Letters of Marque' as required by the US Constitution.

    Only someone who was vaccinated against anthrax could have mailed these poorly sealed and packaged anthrax letters. Their failure to deliver the spores safely in sealed, vacuum packed envelopes would have surely killed anyone relying on mere antibiotics for protection.

  • Foreign Private

    While OBL is said to have acquired some from North Korea from the Embassy bombers confessions ($3950 sample) in Somalia from North Korean agents,. Private labs associated with the Bin Laden family in Sudan were destroyed by cruise missile attacks, for precisely this reason.

  • Foreign (State)

    England, Israel, Japan, Iraq and Russia (like the US) have run secret programs since the 1970's. They all involve much more advanced bio-engineered 'doomsday' strains and highly advanced genetically engineered diseases and retroviral agents that are both antibiotic and vaccine resistant. Iraq had only produced liquid forms of advanced anthrax. N Korea's degree of sophistication is unknown. Israel is also said to possess, or have duplicated the entire US arsenal. America's old stockpile was destroyed or buried in Idaho, in accordance with Nixon's 1970 initiative, but England was a major participant. Since 1970, CIA front companies involved with the Cobazon Indian Tribe and Japanese industrialists have run secret, illegal US bioterrorism programs that were also involved field testing by the CIA's terrorists in Afghanistan. All of these states (and more), save Iraq, may have secret military immunization capabilities, but only the USA and Israel have issued one, older sort of a vaccine to their troops and intelligence operatives.

  • Domestic Private

    While this is possible for a poor grade of weapon, one would still have to be very well funded indeed, as such a project would require millions worth of equipment, and at least a half dozen microbiologists, lab technicians and a great deal of security. Only a very private lab would do, and Arab foriegners, especially those linkable to Al Qaeda after the USS Cole and first WTC and Embassy Bombings are totally unlikely suspects.

More Al Qaeda/Taliban history:

Nero tried 'fighting' against Christian 'terrorism' (mostly, like the Taliban, engineered by his own Military Mafia) and it ended the Roman Empire! - A peculiar, socialist-something called 'martyrdom' seemed to multiply, feed and nurture his helpless adversaries by great leaps and bounds....

Osama Bin Laden is alleged to be the very Arab man who toured the USA under the CIA codename "Tim Osman" as a Pakistani ISI sponsored representative of the Mujahedeen, Afghanistan Resistance Movement. Since he was a Saudi, serious questions were raised (and quashed) about his being a valid representative for the Pakistani-sponsored Pashtun Taliban. On this 1986 tour "Tim" allegedly even visited the White House. Contacts are known to exist between him and the 'Fresno Company' through Japanese-Hawaiian owned Island Tobacco Corporation, that supplies Las Vegas casinos, and it's ties to F.I.D.C.O., (First Intercontinental Development Corporation.) a CIA construction front company who contracted the Arab contruction outfits who 'rebuilt' Lebanon and companion companies called Euramae Trading which also operated heroin smuggling throughout the Middle East, especially to aid the ISI in their Taliban schemes. Fresno was a CIA Mafia/DEA terrorist-mafia sponsored group of over 300 people, most of them either ex-CIA controllers in law enforcement and ex-military, ex-intelligence people involved in major drug, arms, terrorist, bioweapons and smuggling operations who also had their own satellite 'cutout' businesses, with security always supplied through high level insiders within the CIA Mafia's Wackenhut - Coral Gables, Florida operations.

Foremost among them are Meridian International Logistics, Inc. (MIL) and its Meridian Arms (MAC) subsidiary who met with "Tim" and engineered the custom Stinger II's, and Pakistani manufacturing facilities for them for the "Pashtun" Afghani-Taliban terrorists. Due to the Soviet's suspected "Blue Death" chemical weapons which had left corpses that did not seem to decompose, a major part of the CIA-Mujihadeen supply lobbying agreement was that Bin Laden would sample-test highly illegal US 'black ops' bioweapons for the CIA, and supply them evidence about the Soviet weapons. MIL is also noted for running an extensive biological weapons program for FIDCO, managed through their 'cutout' Storemont Laboratory in Woodland, CA. who had easy access to labs located on the nearby Cobazon Indian Reservation, technically, 'outside of America' where they allegedly developed the latest in US bioweapons. Shortly thereafter, a Power of Attorney was issued to Fujio Kubota in Japan to file patents and registrations entitled "The Method for Induction and Activation of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes." The signatories on Sept 14, 1988 were listed as Dr. S. Fujimoto; T. Miyamae (Ajinomoto Co., Inc.); H. Onogi (representative of MIL); K. Ishida (International Service Center, Inc.); and T. Kumakawa (American Embassy). This hideous war crime-in-progress patents tailored weapon cytotoxins used to kill victims by infecting them with mundane everyday bacterial illnesses (flu, cold) that actually carry deadly 'trojan' diseases that murder them shortly after the 'carrier' infection has disappeared. This criminal Japanese continuation of their criminal WWII "Pingfan' program (now under CIA Mafia control) was actually suspected to be similar to the Soviet's 'blue death' technology.

There are dozens of other CIA-connected 'cutouts', also known as 'civilian defence contractors' that are well known. Most interesting was the suspicious, untimely death of the very arms dealer chosen by the 'Desert One' GOP-CIA (Bush, Reagan, Casey) conspirators to deliver the illegal arms shipments to Iran that kept the American hostages imprisoned until they had stolen the 1980 election for CIA Mafia boss Bush Sr. and his malleable, mentally deficient Reagan actor-puppet. He died suddenly of a 'rare form of leukemia', precisely the sort of cancer cell that can be activated by the mob's cytotoxin technology. Foremost are among the mob's companies which use bush pilots and operate worldwide fleets of small aircraft that have been engaged in various covert criminal operations, such as the illegal Iran/Contra/Drug schemes and later US/Pakistan/Afghanistan money, drugs and arms transfers. The mysterious MPRI, Dynacorp and East Inc. have operations in Spain, Portugal, Kuwait, Arabia, Egypt, and throughout the Arab world. They are also, curiously, currently running South American DEA drug 'interdiction' programs, and crop dusting. Recently, after 9/11 one of their employees in Kuwait (a Canadian) and his wife were gunned down on a street corner. News reports speculated that this was because they (alone?) "looked American".

The offshoot of all this illegal CIA 'front company' terrorist dealing was the successful CIA-criminal lobbying of congress to remove export controls for a customized American MANPAD shoulder firing Stinger 'II' missile launch targeting systems for shipment to and manufacture in Pakistan, tailored to use Chinese missiles. The Reagan/Bush administrations, also with the support of far-right Democratic Party CIA thralls, then, wholeheartedly corralled an over $6 billion dollar subversion and redirection of American 'defence' appropriations through the CIA to raise the Mujahadeen (Taliban) terrorist army, an explicitly illegal activity under terms of the 'peacetime' US Constitution! This was a scheme more expensive than Vietnam, the most expensive criminal covert terrorist sponsorship program in CIA Mafia history! It was entirely launched and funded by helpless American politicians as the direct result of secret, noble CIA Mafia disinformation.

While the secret Hatch 'Intelligence Committee' Cabal of Congress did agree to overlook these criminal acts of international terrorism by the CIA's Reagan-Bush regime, contrary to the Constitution, the real reason was phoney disinformation issued by Robert Gates, then a CIA mafia assistant-director, who deliberately disinformed Congress and the US government to support his Mafia's evil religious socialist plans. The CIA Mafia, ever seeking to justify its "mission," (manufacturing national insecurity) had convincing clues by 1978 and conclusive evidence by the early-1980s of a huge, "critical crisis of infrastructure" within the Soviet Union. In 1992 Congressional testimony, Mafia Capo Robert Gates finally acknowledged that 'he decided' to hide intelligence from President Reagan and the Noble, Imperial, Hatch Cabal, and instead, had deliberately continued to grossly exaggerate Soviet military and technological 'capabilities' in false annual "Soviet Military Power" reports - right up to 1990! These lies allowed not only the greatest expansion in CIA Military Mafia spending, but also allowed the CIA Mafiosi to carefully groom and prepare their new "Islamic Menace" to replace the failing, false "Red" one that had served the multi-trillion dollar death profiteering of their WMD-addicted military industrial masters so well for so many years!

"avoid the necessity of those overgrown military establishments which, under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to Republican Liberty." - George Washington

The only Americans that Al Qaeda would likely know and trust within the American military intelligence complex would be those who had dealt with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, or the Taliban itself during the years they were trained by western CIA operatives and supplied by American 'defence contractors'. It is interesting indeed, that Atta, after the first Las Vegas meeting, immediately flew to Spain and disappeared for a few weeks. A place from where he could easily slip into Portugal, long a base for American CIA air support to mideast (Lebanon's Bekaa Valley) covert drug smuggling, arms and money running operations to make further contacts.

Questions: Let's look at these crimes themselves more closely:

  • Letters against 'liberals and media' were used for all of the attacks
We don't know that an envelope or letter was necessarily the weapon in the AMI murder, only that the mailroom and library employees were also involved or affected.
  1. If so, that explains the traces found in a mailroom container, the mail room guy, and the secretary that also got infected and that traces were also found in 1 main postal facility. But, it would have had to have been mailed very locally, since no other sorting plants or mail that we know of, have been exposed in the Boca Raton area. This seems rather strange, versus the Washington-NJ experiences. If we were to compare the delivery methods, something is very strange indeed, because the other letters all contained very suspicious notes, or outright warnings about their contents, so why was this one unnoticed?

    The killer element of surprise had to have been carefully respected in this scenario, as one would always expect! But why? This was not the case in the 'afterthought' attacks...

  2. If, however, the AMI murder was arranged by other means, and was an inside job, that explains why the path-back was not heavily contaminated, and only 1 facility and no postal workers were affected. What if the mailman was infected in Bobs office, or had picked up and brought back a letter that was contaminated from the editors desk? We know that his keyboard was contaminated, so why not the desktop as well? It likely was cleaned long before the investigators arrived. For now, let's leave the repercussions and permutations of this strong suspicion aside!

    Cleaners do not normally scrub out trash cans, so why is there no other contaminated 'hot spot' in that office, and no letter?

The venerable old Arab saying goes "an enemy of my enemy is my friend", this maxim is totally out of sync here.
  • The places where anthrax exposures have occurred are the same local areas the September 11th attackers either originated from, or targeted
The anthrax mail started after the hijackers US locales were suddenly all made public. The AMI murder attack time is said to be around (from Bob's infection) September 13-17th. This is also immediately after the images of Atta & Co were published, which strongly raises a "Bruno Magli" issue at the AMI photo department! It can take up to 45 days, but these levels of inhaled anthrax have all gestated within 10-15 days. Bob Stevens noticed symptoms on Oct 2nd, was hospitalized and died Oct 5th. This puts the 1st bio-attack around Sept. 14-17th, the 2nd two letters postmarked Sept. 18, and the last October 9 for Daschle. (Leahey was unknown at time of original writing)

Most curious, indeed, is that Blanco, got nasally-infected with only 'larger' spores, and was the first American hospitalized! If inbound mail was involved, the timing is right, but not the sort of infection! An unopened envelope might leak finer, but not coarser spores! The Al Qaeda manual specifically indicates that paper is too porous (30-70 microns) to be used as an anthrax delivery method: "don't poison the postman" is a direct quote from it! The manual specifies the envelope must be internally painted with silicone sealant to prevent this sort of trouble.

Many accidental victims have been killed or harmed due to the violence of high speed mail handling equipment. Pressure rollers, belts, channels and stackers not only 'burst' non-vacuum packed envelopes, adjacent ones relax and inhale spores thus ejected from bursting or colliding anthrax-charged envelopes. Many thousands of letters were likely contaminated to various extents by this incompetent mail-scare killer.
  • Only Islamic conservative-socialist extremists use terrorism and this was too close to the September 11 attacks to be anything else.
In fact, covert peacetime CIA 'pirates' have been engaging in illegal terrorist activities without Letters of Marque for years as our part of the Anglican-Soviet Cold War. Thomas Paine taught Liberal Republican Patriots that free trade and the free market system would defeat all the economically primitive conservative empires of the tribal warlord monarchs and all other similar conservative cultural-socialist tyrannies. After FDR's untimely death, hayseed Truman caved into Churchill's private hatred of Stalin by lying to Stalin about the Manhattan Project at Potsdam, and conceded, with the advice and counsel of rabid British Monarchist Anglican-Socialists to engage in nuclear terrorism against the competitively challenged, self-crippled Communal-Socialist Soviet regime, allowing the Tory Conservative's Imperial mafia tyranny over Britain's monopolistic, protectionist Mercantile Market Empire to thrive on unnoticed, as a secret terrorist government of the supposedly-free world after the unsavory Republican 'liberation' of Europe.

Churchill had been Mussolini's most high profile and outspoken pre-war admirer. (and a very contented and satisfied patron of Miami's Surf Club, a no-Jews, no-Colored beach hideout yet even until the mid '80's) Churchill's Conservative-Fascist 'Iron Curtain' sheltered Marxist 'stupidism', supplying it the missing Orwellian prime elements of enmity, isolation and complete immunity from it's deadliest enemies: free speech, open trade and free market competition! Western (Anglo American Empire) policy, based on Churchill's fascist, imperialistic view of the dangers of American Free Market economics to his corrupt British Mercantile Market mafia, was designed to extend the Soviet's Workers Cabal and it's Party Emperor's grip on the perverse Imperial Soviet Empire far beyond what it could have ever been! Anglo-American policy, based on religious-socialist hatred of the athiestic (by necessity) communal-socialist religion of Marxism, brought about a renaissance of conservative, imperialistic corruption and tyranny in once-liberal America, and the complete subversion of our once Free Market's well-regulated existence.

Russia would have produced a Gorbachev decades sooner, and millions of lives would have been saved, if it had not been for Churchill's successful export of unconstitutional anglo-protestant conservative-socialist Imperialism to the American body politic, wiping out our Free Market system, liberalism, and miring our defence and political establishment in a secret 'undeclarable' war, and our politics in noble, secret, monopolistic backroom corruption. Religious conservative socialism formed an unholy union with the liberal-privatist "Right Wing" of American politics, it's easiest 'populist' means of overwhelming the incessant progress of liberal socialism, the "Left Wing" of Republican Liberty. Republican Liberty was concieved as the world's salvation from Conservative tyranny, but at the end of the day, corrupt, wholly unnecessary nuclear tyranny won it's last 'victory' and subsumed it!

America was blackmailed into accepting and establishing the CIA Mafia-President, an 'imperial' backroom, mafia cabal dictatorship, to 'compete' with the embargoed, secret Soviet NKVD-KGB. The CIA not only controls public policy by intelligence misinformation, they execute illegal, aggressive terrorist orders from 'their' misinformed President, in open defiance of the Constitutional duty of a President to only 'preserve, protect and defend' the US without congressional (can't declare war) approval. Then, the same CIA cabal also has the power to secretly misinform and mislead the unconstitutional Lordly secret cabal of Noble, select Congressional so-called 'overseers' who are forced to rubber stamp it's plans in complete secrecy!

As to motive, let us not forget that 100% of America's national debt was accrued building a mindlessly useless and valueless nuclear, biological and chemical stockpile of criminal weaponry, where only a few would have sufficed to perform their only concievable strategic function - deterrence. Remember too, that national insecurity cuts a 75% swath through our national budget. It fuels a global defence welfare system more pervasive and invasive than any ever before established on earth! The Red Menace was a very lucrative tool, as this new Islamic one has become...

In fact, the original Fidel Castro assassination program was 'ordered' (tacitly approved) and overseen by then-Vice President Nixon, whom CIA terrorists assumed would be re-elected President, behind Eisenhower's back! Offence (aggression) is only allowed to a President at the discretion of a congress that declares War or orders Reprisals or Marque against a defined enemy for a specific wartime goal! A congress cannot constitutionally 'provide for' or delegate this authority away, only their authority to call up troops for domestic, internal emergencies. Then-Senator Lyndon B Johnson developed an unconstitutional legislative 'work around' to allow the Congress to 'get away' with setting up an un-regulatable 'NKVD, Gestapo-style' CIA political dictatorship, run by a tiny committee-cabal of politicians, in defiance of our Free Republican Constitution which calls for a full, open Congressional declarations of war.

50 USC 413b(a) appears to create an illusory peacetime 'finding-crime' which has been criminally abused by CIA-'managed' peacetime Presidents for 54 years to destroy America's reputation worldwide, breed turmoil, support fascism and spread death and despair in foreign nations and end-run our Constitution. They have never had a single success! When America adopted the tools of imperial tyranny to wage an un-declarable Cold War, we surrendered our own, dear Constitutional Free Republic of Liberty and our nation's dignity in the process.

"But while we give no encouragement to the importation of foreign vices, we ought to be equally as careful not to create any. A vice begotten might be worse than a vice imported. The latter, depending on favour, would be a sycophant; the other, by pride of birth, would be a tyrant: To the one we should be dupes, to the other slaves" - Thomas Paine, Pennsylvania Magazine - 1775

In fact, Fidel Castro was far from being the only person to have a biological CIA terrorist attack directed against him. The prime minister of Congo(Ziare) was likewise slated to be murdered by criminal CIA bioterrorists but was warned and fled before General Mobutu, the CIA's preferred murderous, thieving dictator, was installed. A middle eastern arms dealer who shipped US arms to Iran to pay them off for delaying the hostage releases for the Reagan campaign was likewise killed by a 'strange and obscure illness' before congressional hearings. Even the Russian-Texan Oilman and closest friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, George de Mohrenschildt, was likewise treated by a mysterious and phony CIA doctor shortly before the House Select Committee on Assassinations started meeting in the late 1970's and suddenly committed suicide. There are dozens of other examples of MI6-CIA bioterrorism, unique within the criminal underworld.

Even Saddam Hussein, who developed his WMD programs during the Iran-Iraq war with $4+ billion in CIA terrorist funding assistance, had plenty of opportunities to use his vaunted biochemical warheads during the Gulf war, but never did such a thing. At first, a seeming divide and conquer scheme, selling Scowcroft's slant drilling apparatus to the Kuwaiti warlord to steal Iraqi oil was a plot actually concocted by the Mullahs to entrap a CIA/Bush administration only too happy to play divide and conquer! They fell for it by getting April Glaspie to give Saddam 'tacit' US approval to invade Kuwait. Then CIA-President Bush 1st, was caught like a raccoon in the headlights on the road to Basra, when he finally realized he would be giving the Islamic Imperialist Mullahs total control of OPEC if he deposed Saddam, the only credible Fascist-Imperialist secular threat to them in the region, and then had to get out of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE!

The Anglican Conservative Empire's corrupt CIA mafia dominance of America and blind, avid cooperation with and blind conservative-socialist support for both Jewish Imperialism and especially ultra conservative 'Wahhabi'-allied Saudi Imperialism has unleashed these dark consequences. In America, the practice of religious beliefs and operation of it's societies is an iron-clad private right, not a public political (established party) one! Conservative-socialist theocratic imperialism is at complete and direct odds with our Republican Liberty and the spirit of secular liberalism as defined by Thomas Paine in his 'Thoughts on Defensive War' in 1775:

"As the union between spiritual freedom and political liberty seems nearly inseparable, it is our duty to defend both. And defence in the FIRST INSTANCE is best."

  • Al Qaeda may see Democrats with strong Jewish voter support as more against them.
Mischievously attacking the media would only polarize them against Muslims and especially Palestinian causes, and attacking the premier Democrat in America is also definitely not an Al Qaeda-type thing, for obvious reasons, as Democrats actually aided Muslims in Kosovo, over vigorous Republican objections. Republicans did oppose President Clinton's reprisals for the USS Cole attack, accusing him of 'wagging the dog', but it was President Bush who 'invaded' Arabia and Bahrain, attacked Iraq, and re-conquered Kuwait handing it back over to it's former 1950's British-installed imperialist tyrant, and did set up an American occupation of it. In fact, in the twisted Bin Laden mind, the 'young Prince' GW Bush is as much of an enemy as his father.

Even more interesting is the fact that the very well known US Senator of Jewish faith, Sen. J. Leiberman would certainly have been a prime target of Al Qaeda in the Democratic camp, being the strongest Democratic supporter of hawkish Republican anti-Arab activities. He was not a target, and this strange incongruity bears more consideration.

In fact, the driving force behind Islamic Imperialism is both their opposition to and imitation of Jewish, Anglican and Fascist(Saddam) conservative socialist Imperialism! The Mullahs have no trouble corrupting their Anglican-appointed Warlords, and their main roadblock to monopolist control of OPEC (and thus, their weapon against the Jews and Anglicans) was always a more powerful Saddam! Inasmuch as Leibermann is a strong proponent of wiping out Saddam, he was clearly, like the Angican controlled MI6-CIA Mafia, an enemy.

In fact, it becomes very easy to see why Osama would make it a special point to set up Atta with a phony 'Hezbollah', Iraqi intelligence agent, before the 9/11 attacks in this light!
  • It seems like Anthrax attacks got tested in Florida, are implemented in New Jersey, and then carried out against New York and Washington.
The only effective, focused, surprise attack was the Florida (Bruno Magli photo dept) murder, the others were obvious plants with clear warnings to the recipients. The other deaths were all by mishap or accidental exposure due to the sloppiness of the mailings cover up. The clear political flavor of the Daschle attack betrays a political awareness and viewpoint that is strongly suggestive of ulterior, hawkish motives. The Florida 'test', however it was delivered, was a perfect home run, the others were all strikes, with nary a ball among them.
  • Could Al Qaeda or Iraq be cleverly using the art of misdirection to further humiliate America?
This is a very good point. It would be a good argument except that this "misdirection" appears to point directly at them! The tactic of misdirecting the witness into seeing and assuming the evident, is something that a third party (CIA) or a false-target (suicidal) might do but it could not be what Al Qaeda was doing, unless they were trying to be doubly too-clever! Thinking that "they'll assume it's somebody else if we make it look like we did it" is not very good logic.

If there were a politically aware Al Qaeda perpetrator, the midirection tactic for this group of targets would be to pin it on the Christian conservative socialist left-wing of the GOP. Pinning it on the Jehezus-socialist Pat Robertson clans would be an excellent and ideal way to split the radical conservative imperialists, posing as 'republicans' who back Bush.

Both targets and the main victims here, are totally out of sync with the goals of Al Qaeda. One would assume that President Bush and the top leaders of his government would be the most obvious targets, followed closely by Senator Liebermann. Media personalities like Rush Limbaugh maybe, but surely not 'liberal' impartial news readers in the mainstream media, who's (marginal at very best) 'goodwill' towards Palestinian causes could be a future asset!

Osama Bin Laden was kicked out of Saudi Arabia for wanting to import, grow and use his CIA-Al Qaeda Mujahadeen troops to clean Saddam's national-socialist clock and reconquer Kuwait for the Islamic Empire without US assistance, a notion that did not tickle the British Saudi Procurators and certified him no friend of Saddam's either. It would make no sense for him to have political allies in the US, and may certainly explain why he may have cultivated tenuous links to the Iraqi regime among his agents. What a delectible morsel Osama would be, for Saddam to throw to his Anglo-American 'wolves' as a peace offering! While it might fit the pattern of past Arab struggles to run to the strongest US enemy for cover it would be decidedly unhealthy for Mr. Bin Laden.

  • The attacks appear to follow a rigid course of action, just like Al Qaeda
The #1 Al Qaeda directive is to kill Jews and Americans, so they wouldn't 'tape up' letters, put warnings in them, or wait until everybody was paranoid about bioterrorism to waste any more anthrax. They would have launched major, nearly simultaneous, multiple events which would have killed many as quickly as possible by complete surprise. This multiple timed event, multi line of attack strategy is the hallmark of Al Qaeda. The obscurity of the target, a mere photo editor at a tabloid newspaper renders any theory of this sort ridiculous.

  • What motives could the CIA have to allow America to be attacked?
First we have to remember that with the end of the Cold War and disappearance of the KGB, there was no longer any job for the CIA Mafia, nor any further compelling reason for it's continued noble secret domination of our government. Absolute power of the sort lavished on CIA Mafia Cheiftans corrupts absolutely. The CIA mafia was created as a sycophant to the British Imperial Mercantilist MI6 mafia and to that end it's number one 'business' is the cultivation of national insecurity, from where it's parasitic funding and resources flow. It's falsification of data concerning the dying Soviet Empire is proof positive of this paranoia. What makes it's self-serving motives even more obvious was it's support for the cultivation, training, arming and support of infantile Islamic Socialist paramilitarism in Afghanistan. Surely they knew that they were building and grooming an ad hoc transnational Islamic Socialist army for the Palestinians.

The British MI6 mafia is definitely and Anglican Socialist organization, and, for all political intents, the US can be considered an majority Christian Socialist country. Christian Socialists and Jewish Socialists have one thing in common, their biblical dogma book - it is not part of Islamic Socialist dogma. This age old socialist manifesto calls for the end of the world to take place with a nuclear battle near modern day Meggido in Palestine/Isreal. Most importantly, it also called for Daniel's vision of the events at the beginning of the end of time to be fulfilled to set the stage for this last act. If one reads Daniel Chapter 8 it clearly calls for a RAM (Republican America?) to be smote, by air, by having it's two tall horns (WTC?) broken by the flying minions of a He Goat (Bin Laden?) and 'some of the host and of the stars' in the pleasant lands southeast of the two horns to also be struck down by a third of these arial attackers. Surely this was one great plan that rabid pseudo-religious nut cases of all flavors could appreciate....

Indeed, why not simply ignore Al Qeada pilots learning to steer aircraft, layoff on border and airport security and especially airborne surveillance systems and let one of your contractors collect some loot for passing the all clear to your carefully cultivated Al Qeada patsies?


In fact, as we review, it becomes apparent that the real missing link in all of this is quite likely the somewhat unresolved issue of Ernesto Blanco. From his very odd public statement that he was "sure that this was done by communist agents of Fidel Castro" at appears that he is precisely the sort of 'inside' person the Ex-Cuban CIA mob might have used to collect photo information from Bob Stevens office, if not perhaps even to launch the attack itself. He certainly ran to the hospital (Oct 1st) "sure he was sick" before anyone else did....

It seems obvious that the keys to these crimes are the 'source' of some probable photos, an unusual place, like Las Vegas where meetings may have occurred, and possible American Media employees with 'civilian defence' front company, or ex-Cuban casino-Mafia or CIA connections.

Other valuable avenues may be phone records of the Bob Stevens, the prime victim, immediately after 09/11/2001 and prior to the time of his attack, and the now well established 'track' of this poisoner, or him and other hand picked Special Ops poisoners, which begins in Florida but was then suddenly projected to New Jersey and elsewhere over the timeline of the pseudo-attacks and incidental contaminations.

Another obvious target is the 'source' of such photos who may already have been liquidated by other means. Most suspicious of all is Storemont Laboratory in Woodland, Calif., who have been publicly alleged in sworn testimony to have engaged in illegal CIA bioweapons activities involving advanced weapons of mass destruction research on the Cobazon Indian Reservation, which is not technically 'in' the United States. Their connection to Meridian Logistics and Florida's Wakenhut operation is also a clear link to the AMI crime. Of course, we cannot overlook Dugway Proving Ground, CIA headquarters, Battelle's West Jefferson, Ohio laboratory and Ft Detrick themselves, whom it is rumored possess powdered anthrax of precisely the same sort used in the murder and mail attacks.

More distressing than anything else, is the fact that the FBI Special Agent in charge of the Florida investigation is a Cuban-American with a long FBI "counter-terrorism" terrorist history, who in fact, may have also been involved in the illegal Contra plot and cover-up. Well linked to the large and powerful Cuban Mafia-exile community in Miami, he was formerly the FBI special agent in charge in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands until 1998. He previously worked in Miami; Tampa, Fla.; Montevideo, Uruguay and at the FBI's Washington headquarters as a 'foreign counterintelligence' (CIA go-between) supervisor during the Iran Contra drugs for arms and arms for hostages years.

Another entirely new and fresh perspective on the CIA connection to the murder, and likely FBI complicity, is unveiled by a serious researcher, Dr. Meryl Nass M.D. in a scathing indictment that illuminates possible CIA pre-planning that preceeded the anthrax murder of Bob Stevens by some 'national insecurity' insider at Ft Detrick, who went out of his or her way to finger a retired Muslim scientist within hours of 9-11, before the murder or the diversionary attacks were even mailed! Read this new account at Anthrax Letters.

In another Oswald-like setup, the FBI have been scraping the barrel to try to find a patsy to pin the CIA's murders on, in this case, Godfather Tenet's cabinet Capo, John Ashcroft, has deliberately and maliciously attempted to hang Dr. Steven Hatfill, a noted bioweapons expert, with crude and irresponsible public character assasination techniques worthy of the 3rd Reich. In maliciously branding the good doctor a 'person of interest', the CIA Mafia's fine hand of tyranny can be seen pumping the Mighty Wurlitzer of public disinformation and mafia propaganda.

Unfortunately for Ashcroft and Tenet, the good doctor is not being a good Oswald.
Weighing the evidence, it seems highly unlikely that the FBI will ever be able to get to the bottom of this mad, right wing terrorist disaster. Don't ever expect to hear believable indications that any reasonable candidate will be arrested, suspected or found guilty of these home-grown CIA terrorist acts. Indeed, the fact that powerful Democratic Senators were targeted suggests a US so-called 'republican' Tory Conservative conspiracy in the "private defence contractor" or criminal intelligence community, and perhaps not acting strictly within the normal chain of command, of the top CIA mob bosses. This was obviously a crime spree, associated with one specific goal while protecting secret, allied religious-socialist interests. One can definitely not exclude the Administration or the secret elite cabal of disinformed 'congressional' CIA Mafia Lords either.

The CIA have long been established both above and beyond any law or law enforcement agency. There is also a remote possibility that MOSSAD crime mafia terrorists, likely also CIA double-covert crime agents, might conceivably be at the root of these problems. What is most troubling is that Israel may actually be worse off, without Saddam, and it's clearly not in America's interests to finish him off to give the Islamic Socialists a free hand with OPEC!

One has to consider who profited the most from both the 9-11 attacks and the anthrax murders, and the illegal, unconstitutional, obsolete MI6-controlled Cold War CIA Mafia have clearly been the biggest winners here, in every respect and in every regard. These acts have also empowered far right extreme, rabid-religious socialists, the vast majority of whom are fervent followers of the so-called 'republican party' Bush cult. An isolated far radical right wing extremist group of any stripe is far less likely because of missing Leibermann, Janet Reno, FBI, CIA or Clinton attacks.

Read more about the CIA's connection to the Anthrax attacks The CIA's Role in the Anthrax Mailings at

We have attempted to be as thorough as possible, but if you have, or know of any resources that would contribute to the accuracy of the information, events, or innuendo presented here, and especially if you have any good arguments with it's conclusions or inferences, please Email us.