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Strider Heaven

Strider Quotes: Words to Live By...

Welcome to Strider Heaven, a little place that I like to call home, for my favorite video game hero Strider Hiryu is here. You will find lots of stuff on Hiryu, as well as your favorite game characters. For those of you who don't know who he is (although with Marvel vs. Capcom out, I find that very hard to believe), dive further into this page and find out what you are missing. Enjoy!

Strider Hiryu

Artwork done by Strider Trav, VP of the Strider Army

The word is out...

Strider 2 was released February 24th in Japan...the US is gettin closer and closer to finding out the next chapter in the Strider Saga. All it has to do is come out here...but for those of you who can't wait, click here to order it now.

Table of Contents

Strider Hiryu's History: For those of you who don't know him, read about his adventures, background, hated enemies, and the origin of the Striders.

The Ninja Shrine: An art/image gallery devoted to my favorite video game characters, mainly Strider. It hosts various gifs, jpegs, and fan art done by yours truly and others.

The Links Page: Web pages I visit on an almost daily basis (well...most of them, anyway...)
What's Up...
Well if you haven't heard, Strider 2 is out, so if you like imports, go get your copy now...
Spring Break is almost here...time to renovate the site with new stuff...just a few more weeks...
Other games announced featuring Strider are Strider 1+2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2...more on that later...
This site is ALWAYS under construction...
Strider Hiryu is a trademark and copyright of Capcom Entertainment Inc.
All images here are used with permission from their respective owners.

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