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Mailing Lists:

If you would like to receive news updates and special notices about Slugwrench via e-mail, Intolerance has something set up. Just email them at and tell them you want on the email list.

For those living in the USA, send your details (name, address, etc.) for postcards and messages through the regular post to:

Please note: If you wish to join both lists, you must contact each address.

On-Line Events:

AOL Chat -- 15th June, 1998: Jason answered questions from fans as a part of Intolerance Communications' CyberTalk on America On-Line.


Official Slugwrench Web Site --
The only officially sanctioned site by Intolerance Communications.

the Slugwrench Web Site --
Lots of Real Audio, interviews and reviews.

Unofficial Dead Ride Internet Home Page --
One fan's view of Slugwrench's first years. Contains a vast resource of SW Real Audio.

The Slugwrench Page --
Another fan page. Contains an interesting Discography @ 44.1 Khz 16-bit (stereo)

The Slugwrench Unofficial Web Presence USA - 1998 --
A very well laid out site. Professional and loads fast.

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