Jason Shepherd is twenty-one years old as of this writing to the best of my knowledge. He was born in Akron, Ohio. His first instrument was the drums. His father's drums to be exact. From there he moved into electronics. Disassembling and reassembling various synthesizers and his fathers effects processors. At age thirteen he picked up the guitar. By age fifteen he was lead singer and guitarist for the death metal band 'Decimation' with Adam Blanding and legendary drummer Atom Wiley.

When 'Decimation' broke up Jason began a series of un-named unreleased experimental recordings in the basement of his parents home. Often recording his friends conversations (without their knowledge) during planned psychedelic meetings in his bedroom/studio. Jason was quoted as saying, "I particularly like the spatial ambience I was able to create during the Basement Hatred series..." These recordings are indeed excellent and are available today, in their remastered form on compact disc from Intolerance Records.

Jason moved to Oklahoma when he was seventeen and started the underground movement known today as "Slugwrench." Intolerance Records was formed shortly thereafter and the rest is history.

The CD titled, "Prole" is the crowning masterworks of Jason. Tediously programmed and reworked. Meticulously mastered and packaged. I've heard some demos. I downloaded it in MP3 format off the Internet. It goes away from the nonmusical and almost fuses pop with experimental. It's amazing.

The twenty track album will be released on August 20th. Prepare yourself.

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