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Nationals Scenarios

The Student national Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships are an annual British event, one that I've been attending with Glasgow University Gaming Society (GUGS) since 1996.

Part and parcel of the set up is that the winner of the event gets the "honour" of hosting it the next year. In 1998 GUGS got it's first shot at it and I was given the Traveller® category to run. The two scenarios that came out of this couldn't be more different; one is schlock Trav. and the other, well the other came to be known as "Move like the snake" because of a throw away comment in the playtest.

In a Barren Placeespionage scenario, set on a barren moon.
Junglistic Massif
(Move Like The Snake)
A slightly strange scenario set in a xenolife reserve.
A scenario that is still amongst the best I've written

After a trip to Bangor in Wales GUGS got a second shot at running the Nationals in 2000. I was handed the inevitable task of the open sci-fi category. One of my most ambitious scenarios came out on the Saturday and is hardcore Megatraveller®. The Sunday scenario demanded something a little more fudgable, ah SLA Industries, now there's a plan. From this came a scenario where all the characters think the shit-fan interface is their fault. It's the only time that, as a GM, I've been passed a note that read "you're a bastard".

Bright Lights, Big CityAn investigation scenario on a volatile high tech planet
It Wisnae Mewritten for the SLA Industries rules,
a scenario where all the players think it's their fault

The whole bangor affair is another matter entirely. That story is best told by Dax® in:
Fear and Loathing in Bangor

Enjoy the scenarios, they're there to be run. If you want to say anything about them then don't hesitate to
get in touch.

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