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Shan's Links

Traveller Links

The Traveller WebRing
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Starship Plans
Several standard deckplans for downloading, well worth a look for running a game

Dave Golden's Page
Possibly the most useful, detailed and well run/presnted Traveller site around

Megatraveller programs
A large collection of programs to make the Megatraveller GM's life a little easier, a little unwieldy in places but worth the effort in the long run

Freelance Traveller
A spit and sawdust site in places but arse deep in information and a place to get published if you're looking for one.

The Domain of Deneb
A site from which I've nicked a few imges, mostly information about (unsurprisingly) the Domain of Deneb. Lots of stuff pulled together from diverse and disparate sources. Very useful for a GM running in that neck of the Imperium

The Shipyard
A collection of ships built for GURPS Traveller, but still useful and described nicely

The homepage of the "British Independent Traveller Support" group, the original authors of "the long way home" amongst other stuff.

Virtual space
A site full of impressive artwork and some unusual stuff on the sword worlds

GURPS Traveller
I suppose it had to happen and I suppose I ought to put in a link. Does look as though they're going to support Traveller even if it is in GURPS mode. Not my thing but still, at leat someone cares.

Ace and the Dog Unpublications
A whole load of suff for download that IG didn't want....fools.

General Gaming Related Links

Glasgow University Gaming Society
GUGS, is my very own home from home and we do just about everything (including theft of stone circles). Go and have a look and see what this bunch of sad folk are plotting at the moment

Nicolai's Page
Nicolai is a Danish bloke who I met last summer whilst digging in Shetland, and found out last night is a rampant world of Darkness fan. Much detail and essays abound (all of which are in English, thankfully) [Never let it be said I do nothing for you]

Willpower Graphics
Will Pickering (Pix to his mates), our resident comic artist and superhero fanatic (also the creator of the portrait that will soon be arriving on my front page) has a wealth of interesting stuff on his homepage.

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