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Sarah Lite:Noferatu Primogen in Rhydin

Name: Sarah Lite

Generation: 8th

Clan: Nosferatu

Sire: Odieus

Affiliation: Camarilla

Apparent Age: 24

Real Age: Not polite to ask a Lady.

Appearance: Unknown

Background: Sarah was a Southern belle, brought up in pageants and with the one thought that looks do mean everything. She only associated herself with the beautiful and rich; after all, why bother talking to someone you'd have to look down on? Material wealth and outer beauty are the only things that ever mattered to her.

Oh yes, I'm sure you're waiting to hear 'until she met him.' Right? No, it doesn't quite work out that way.

When passing through Rhydin on her way to yet another glamour filled appointment she ran into a most handsome man by the name of Odius. He knew exactly what to say to sweep her off her feet; and he understood what it was like to be one of 'them', the beautiful ones. Or, so she thought.

It was easy for Odius to draw her from the Masquerade to take a quiet walk; after all, the smoke filled room was wrecking havoc on her hair. It was right down the road from the bar where he revealed his true nature to her, including the intense hatred he had for her vainness. He told her straight out she would no longer be a beautiful one, she was his from that moment on.

In a twist of ironic contempt, Odius wiped her memory of his true self. He also took from her the ability to see herself in her true form. Forever will she be a fallen beauty, lost in the lies of what she once was. Ugliness is what makes beauty now . . . and those who are beautiful? Well, they just need a little help seeing the error of their ways.

Weapons: Her looks, in either formů full Nosferatu or using Mask of 1000 Faces.

Quote: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because if I don't know everything about you, I soon will."