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Sonny Vincent And Spite- 'Spiteful'

Featuring : Rat Scabies, Glen Matlock, Steve Mackay

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“a punk rock masterpiece with 14 skull-rattling hits…spits out a boiling stew of madness, could easily be the record of the year.” – Chris Coyle, CBS Seattle

“Spiteful has a spirit and swagger that marks it out as one of the year's most surprising releases. Urgent and searching, frantic and wild, scuzzy and hungry” -Harmonic Distortion

“a rawness and immediateness that’s almost shocking” -Dorian S. Ham, The Agit Reader

“the music is infectious, crazy and ear-gasmic… fierce, sexy and serious, and there is no way this album is subservient to anything. The lyrics are direct, sharp hit you right on the pucker”- The Gypsy Poet, Punk Globe

“There is a glorious violence of sound, with a tactile texture of urban decay… I doubt there will be any punk-inflected releases in the near future that will hold a candle to Spiteful. It’s rude, and gritty, but sonically rich in analogue tones and strident musicianship. A rare and beautiful thing”-Michael Taylor, Smells Like Infinite Sadness

“the album showcases some of the strongest, no-fucking-around Rock music committed to disc in decades. …There are guys who can play it, and there are guys who are it. Give Spiteful a listen to immediately recognize the difference”- Joel Gausten,

“I've had it in my grubby paws for a few months in order to drink in its full majesty, its brilliance, its power, and its unadulterated punk fucking rock and rollness. …From the opening “fuck you” crescendo of 'Sidewalk Cracks' its game on and this genuine supergroup hits the ground running and they sound tooled up to the tits and ready to unload…If you only buy one more record this year and you want something honest, powerful, rounded and full of great songs then buy, buy, buy!”- Dom Daley, Uberrock UK

“Sonny Vincent, originally of The Testors, makes an announcement ..This ain’t history; this is rock and fucking roll. …inciting an authentic 1977 style still flavored with youthful disenfranchisement…classic punk rock rhythm broken by a quick guitar …that should get your head nodding. And if it doesn’t, you need to check your pulse.”- Jason Neubauer, Playback:stl

“convulsive guitar lines soaked in a bucket of golden scuzz as Mackay blows out the pure skronk… Rat’s skin battering transcends the rudimentary.. and Matlock anchors the assault with the necessary combination of heft and velocity…. also on display is diversity, as the ‘60s-sourced melodicism of “Now That I Have You” lands between a boulder-sized power pop Nugget and a ’77-ish hard place while “Bad Superstition” provides a full-on charger sporting a vaguely swampy vibe nicely enhanced by twisted lyrical mojo, its atmosphere extending into the bent roots-defiling of “Sidewalk Cracks. The contributors consistently add to the sum …in expressing the potency of Sonny Vincent’s ceaseless din, Spiteful is an unqualified success.”- Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District

“The first thing you notice is the razor-sharp Vincent guitar and impassioned vocal.The recording is raw in all the right ..… a gold-plated punk rock blast … will kick your arse so hard it will leave serious bruises. ” The Barman, I94bar

“…absolute killers that are worth diving in for. "Bad Superstition", is an astonishingly electric track that has Vincent testifying and sounding alive as ever. Songs like "Shameless Face", and "Wait" are a potent reminder”- Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

“The whole release combustible and invigorating” - John Gentile, PunkNews

“Sonny Vincent & Spite snarl their way through ‘Spiteful’ . A 14-track release that is loud, raw and rough around the edges in the best possible way”- Jeffrey Sisk, Pittsburgh In Tune

“…explosive and wild…. all songs have a "killer instinct" …malevolent…desperate and angry”-Giancarlo De Chirico, EXTR Music Magazine

“Sonny is always down to kill, desperate, and hungry….balls-out swinging stomper… throbbing, yelping rock ‘n’ roll”.- Daragh in The Arts, The Carouser

“I have to fight myself to not put it on endless repeat and sometimes I don’t fight it.”-Boston Groupie News

"Spiteful"…. a sense of urgency stamped all over it. Sonny Vincent (Testors) plays a mean guitar, but more importantly, he howls, screams and croons his lyrics with a theatrical flare, in tune with the rhythmic backbone provided by drummer Rat Scabies (The Damned) and bass player Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols). The band’s secret weapon is perhaps Steve MacKay”- Andrea Caccese, Paper Wings Media

“Raw, edgy and hard-hitting, the album is true lower east side punk rock in its grittiest form… A true believer, punk rock original Vincent scores big with this release”-Tim Livingstons Top Ten, Nippertown