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Sonny Vincent Press Clips

"Sonny is a survivor, who stands for high octane R'n'R, brilliant guitars and powerful rhythms.
Call it New York punk rock, call it high voltage R'n'R, call it what you want Sonny plays it with integrity."
Kike Turmix - Running News Fanzine - Spain 1997

"Huge thumping riff kicks off a noisy bunch of toons from a noisy bunch of guys led by Sonny Vincent... down & dirty rock & roll...
Absolutely no weakness on display. Real raw rock from nasty punks playing for real."
Steve Wicks - ZIP CODE Magazine - England 1990

"Only good things deserve the trademark "Vincent".
Classic, undestroyable rock'n'roll with a cool swing.
Buy this one now."
Tom Tonk - Hullaballoo Fanzine - Germany 1996

"The extraordinary songs with their powerful interpretation inspire one to pay attention to a maniac like Sonny Vincent"
D. Jerkovic - Heroina Nova Fanzine - Croatia 1995

"...more energy than a nuclear power plant..."
Henning Richter - HAMMER Magazine - Germany 1999

"The jams are built on a stone-solid rhythmic foundation, piled high with massive slabs of guitar noise."
NOW Magazine - November 1989 - Canada

"High class New York punkrock'n'roll.
Sonny's vocals and guitar are as unique as usual."
The Flying Revolverblatt Fanzine - Germany 1995

"If Iggy is pop, then these guys are power pop."
Jam - Toronto, Canada - January 1990

"Songs that get to the point fast and without compromise plus melodic ones with good hooklines.
Music to listen to all the time."
Daily Grind Fanzine - Germany 1995

"To find something better [than the 'Pure Filth' line up] you'd have to gather John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison."
Patrick Tad Foulhoux - ROCK SOUND Magazine - France 1998

"Especially the two very fast songs "You Don't Break My Heart" and "Primitive" give me the goose bumps."
Advisor Magazine - Germany 1995

"Brooding and bruised rock power punched across unremitting edginess.
Prime headcheese."
Juke Magazine - Australia

"Very New York, very punk. Go, Sonny, go!"
Maximum Rock'nRoll Fanzine - USA 1997

"One of the most sparkling figures in American punk'n'roll... what kind of muse has kissed this man."
Piste Magazine - May 1997 - Germany

"This music bristles with the power and the live show is a 'must see'."
Entertainment Guide - Canada

"His songs are still radiating an indestructible freshness, that saves them from getting frozen in a genre."
Frank Schütze - ZAP Fanzine - Germany September 1996

"Let it be known, the man is rocking!"
Henrik - Neat Damned Noise Fanzine - USA 1998

"The new album has all the intensity of a Sonny Vincent work, which is even topped on stage by the man."
Michael Frohoff - F & K Fanzine - September 1995 - Germany

"Buy or die!"
Jeff Dahl - Your Flesh Magazine - USA

"Damn hard, fast, 15 Songs in not much more than 30 minutes.
As usual, the lyrics are made for people whose ears are connected to their brains."
Lutz Hauck - Goar Fanzine - Germany 1995

"I listened to this one in a quiet moment headphones on - and what shall I say? It's a hit from A to Z... songs like "Don't Tell Me" or "I See" are without a doubt two of the best punk smashers that ever reached my deafened ears... get this immediately.
Buy or die, bastards!"
Plastic Bomb Fanzine - Germany 1995

"This record kicks ass, ladies and gentlemen."
Sandra Hart - Lärmkessel Fanzine - February 1996 - Germany

"Stand up, raw snotty sound, those who don't get themselves these recordings must be either imbeciles, ignorant or deaf - or most likely all three at once."
Wahrschauer Fanzine - Germany 1996

"I prefer records by punk idol Sonny Vincent.
This man has been a guarantee for high class quality punk rock for years...And where it says VINCENT on the cover, VINCENT is what you get, and that means on the new get what you expect."
Drunk On The Moon Fanzine - Germany 1995

"A cool record that doesn't need all this "hard" attitude, because the music and lyrics hit you like a hammer anyway.
Tom Tonk - Hullaballoo Fanzine - Germany

"If he was Batman, Wayne Kramer, Captain Sensible and Scott Asheton etc. would be his Robins...BUY THIS SHIT! IT'S HOT, DAMMIT!"
Alexander Schuth - SUPERSTAR Magazine - Germany 1998

"Nerve-wrecking tension like a roller coaster ride where you have to pull yourself together and have some courage... Sonny has all you expect from a hard boiled rock'n'roll desperado.
There's desperation and hope in his voice, pain and euphoria.
The songs have everything you find in classic Alex Harvey, Johnny Thunders and Henry Rollins songs.
"Roller Coaster" is one of the best rock albums ever since."
Money Mix - Bierfront Magazine - Germany 1993

"'Beyond Rebellion' is a real smasher.
The songs have such a 'still-not-corrupted-after-all-these-years" attitude and directness, that it makes me euphoric.
Sonny makes it rattle. And squeak. Slam. Flow. Rock. Splash.
A pure powerful and bitter-sweet release."
Wolfgang - Sunset Fanzine - Germany 1992

"After almost 25 years this guy is still kicking out quality music.
Furious punk and roll that will more than likely knock your socks off.
Faster paced, lots of guitar and just delivered like he's going for the knockout punch."
Maximumrocknroll Fanzine #209 - USA October 2000