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Ten Dark Commandments

Ten Dark Commandments


Burn, my frail heart.
Burn slowly and thoroughly.
Burn in this crematorium
Of my blazing body.
Burn to ashes and you'll
Burn never again.


Hurt, my condemned soul.
Hurt like the sting of the
Leather crop hitting bared flesh.
Hurt boundlessly and you'll
Hurt never again.


Walk away, my lamented mind.
Walk far away and go to the end.
Don't make me feel like a fool.
Get lost, my injured thoughts.
Think never again.


Sleep, my restless dreams.
Submerge into deep nothingness.
Don't wake up! Resemble dead dreams
Of the departed souls and you'll
Dream never again.


Melt away, my lusty desires.
Melt as the iron dissolves
Under the unforgiving torch.
Transform into insignificance.
Desire never again.


Freeze, my unrivalled feelings,
Like the water turning into cold ice.
Remain frozen indefinitely and
Become an iceberg of the past.
Feel never again.


Forget, my fanciful memories.
Forget bliss, smiles and happiness,
Forget past and present torments.
Escape from the melancholy future.
Remember never again.


Evaporate, my familiar tears,
Like the driest desert sand.
Squeeze out the last drop of
My drenched, saturated self.
Weep never again.


Echo, my shattered voice and
Resonate powerfully with your
Demands and commands.
Let everything that's still alive
Crawling and craving inside of me
Obey attentively your mighty power.
Be silenced never again.


Grieve, my heart, soul, mind and dreams
Suffer, my desires, feelings and memories
Wither, my painful memories and tears.
Embrace the total embargo of my being.
Submit to echoing voice of untamed love.
Love unrequitedly never again.

Loreta M.
Norwalk, CT
5/17/2000 19:00

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