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Consider This…

                                                                                      Consider This…


                                                                                              Only a day before yesterday

                                                                                              I stumbled upon your net and scratched

                                                                                              That blurry web around my vigilant self

                                                                                              Looked through the bars into a distance

                                                                                              Consider this…

                                                                                              Adamant barricade of my imprisoned mind.



                                                                                             Yesterday you tugged several cords

                                                                                             Pulled them, released them, tightened them

                                                                                             Let them loose again, and then tied a knot!

                                                                                             We embraced that seductive, venomous dance

                                                                                             Consider this…

                                                                                             Two blind souls bumping precisely into each other.



                                                                                             Today you imposed your task, requested of me

                                                                                             To spill my heart, to spill my blood, to open up!

                                                                                             To show you my hands in cuffs, bound feet

                                                                                             To disrobe my veiled being…for you…for you

                                                                                             Think of this…

                                                                                             Can you stop the flood? Will you let me sink?



                                                                                              Tomorrow I’ll take all my boxes, one by one

                                                                                              Stack them high or maybe just crush them down

                                                                                              Display the contents or maybe hide the substance

                                                                                              I’ll give and take, and oh…. I’ll expect the same!

                                                                                            Think of this…

                                                                                             Why be tempted to unshackle such secluded mind?



                                                                                            Consider this… and  …Think of this…and please


                                                                                         Don’t play with me.



                                                                                                                      *~poetic soul~* ©

                                                                                                                 Connecticut, USA

                                                                                                                    August 7, 2001