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Sadness Contemplated In Solitude

Sadness Contemplated In Solitude

Like sadness contemplated in solitude,

Thoughts are burning inside me,

Engulfed in seductive

Mermaid's song.

Like a woman in a bottle,

Floating on Magrittian cloud above me,

My soul is locked inside this

Restless body.

Like long forgotten tranquillity,

Almost approachable in front of me,

Desires are dissolving into their

Own loneliness.

Like books on shelves,

Like women hiding themselves,

Enslaved souls cautiously dancing,


Like lives that happen and then

Predictably un-happen,

Desperately keeping sanity

On hold,

Our souls surrender to sweet

Torments of Farewell.


Loreta M. ©

NYC / March 30, 1999

This poem was inspired after receiving this photograph which
*La Persona Misteriosa* sent to me.
Thank you.

Sometimes, words are only words...and sometimes they are much more.
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