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Silly Poems

Enter The World by Command



Enter the World by Command

My computer is full of

images I created in

my mind

It has roads and places

no one has ever

visited …

Sun is shinning brighter

from my

Sun.shines.gif. Page

and Moon is the most

silverish have

ever seen before.

All flowers are perfect

without any flows..

It does not even matter..

you can’t smell them at all.

My heroes come alive..

with the click on a button

and my heroines smile

if I press correct command.

My world is divinely fake…

locked inside this plastic box,


Oh, how exciting all my

stories become….

with just a simple

" Open File" command.


NY / July 24, 1998


This is not a poem at all

This is not a poem at all

This is a poem in progress.

It has just started to develop

in my mind,

three minutes ago.

Empty minded but

determined to write,

I am collecting my


as if they were

restless children,

playing in the backyard

of my inspirations.

Another day is passing away

new decisions are born…

Yes, I will finally write and

When you read these words

of course you’ll laugh…


this is just a poem..

pretending to be the one.

I am perfectly happy

wasting time and

scrabbling down my

non-collected images

on this white, blank page

for the sole purpose of

awakening one lost

Poetic Soul.

NY / July 24, 1998.

I am the poet of simple words


I am the poet of simple words

I am the poet of simple words

They mostly come and go..

and often they run away.

I can’t catch them all..

only here and there..

I stop them while they walk

and force them

on this paper..

to stay…display


as if they were


I’ve listened to many

suggestions to

edit and revise ...

to think and cut..

but I still willingly

let those words

live their own

simple lives.


NY / July 24, 1998


Vagabond Thoughts


Vagabond Thoughts

Suffering behind this desk,

Struggling to make up

some rhyme

fighting my inner voice

screaming at me..

"No, don’t try to rhyme

You’ll lose yourself..

It won’t be you!"

Listening and finally content.

Thank you dear Voice..

you have just saved me

from drowning into

muddy waters,

From falling into

endless Abyss

Of You must and You have to

useless commands.

Comfortably sitting

on the floor

Me and all my

vagabond thoughts.

NY / July 24, 1998.


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