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Happiness crept into my room
shyly, almost inaudibly.
and observed me for quite a long time.
I didn’t recognize it presently.
It was the first to break ice and
our conversation lasted long.

We whispered
gossiping the Sorrow…
Yes, you’re never
on clear terms with it.
it mainly eavesdrops
behind the door, bangs in
suddenly, takes control and
stays for long,

much too long.

But today’s
a special day.
Maybe the Sorrow’s on
a business trip?
Then I noticed that Happiness
tires quickly.
It laid down, fallen asleep.

Mayhap someone comes along…
so we can gossip Happiness a little bit
cause it, too, is very weird.
You never know how long
will it stay
and which are it’s plans.

Maybe this time it’ll spend

Holidays at my place?

New York, 1987

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