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Poem About New York City

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Tramps, homeless, businessmen,
strayed passers-by’
and among them
Reflecting particular
moments of
“The Unbearable Lightness of Being”.
I’m appallingly light,
but also, terribly heavy.
around me
lettered stubs, garbage and..

Rijeka and
by accident I hear
One hundred and twenty fifth street.
Some invisible wheels rattling beneath me
some anonymous musicians playing
above me,
in me
around me.
I seem to fly
through expanse between
railtracks and space.

Vacuum, silence, peace…
Ticket, please!

Is there around me any soul alike?
One of a kin?
In front, The New York Times is peeping out,
another one on the left.
On my right – filthy windows
trying to hide
sad gloom, diseased

Dusk, hints of light.

Deserted, transitory, local station…
Let’s work it out together…

Mount Vernoooooon, next.

Musicians get off…
Poets are falling
mixing with wheels
and railtracks
creating a new symphony,
let’s say..
Symphony of existence.

Watch your step!
Beware folks! You could

crush down my artists.
Carefully! Try to fly over
this interspace.
Take effort to be quiet,
silent, very insignificant.
Let’s move! It’s time.

New York is swinging me,
lifting me up, putting me down and
driving me further (along).
pronounced, slowly
I hear other passenger’s laughter.

Surely they did not hear the
Symphony of existence.

Bronxvileeeee….neeeeeext !

Dedicated to my brother Robert.

After seeing movie “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”
A novel written by Milan Kundera
NYC-Bronxville/ March 1988

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