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Who am I?

Story about Moretto / Morcic - Above is a symbol of my hometown Rijeka

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Last Update: February 3, 2003

My photo from June,2000

Dear friends and visitors :)

Since you’ve been so wonderful and visited my page..let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Loreta, but close friends and family call me Lori. I was born in Croatia and since 1986 live and work in the USA.
Why did I make this page??? Well, because I finally overcame that modest period when I kept my poems for myself . Back in 1998 I met some wonderful people in MSN's Writingeast and Writingwest chatrooms. Some of them are just incredibly good writers and poets. With their help and support, I have learned to share my work and I am no longer embarrassed if someone reads my poetry…and if I get an honest critique.
I started to write in English language and recently tried to write some short stories. Of course I hope I will finish them one day. (s). It has been fun !

I hope that you’ll send me your comments...which are all welcome, regardless of them being positive or negative).
I also hope that some of you will be inspired and encouraged to create your own homepage.
Thanks for visiting.

I would be glad to know that you stopped by. Please sign my guestbook, provided on Poetic Soul’s Home Page . (just click on the link provided below).

There are several fast ways to send me a message.You can use my ICQ message panel, contact me through Human Click or email me. The choice is all yours (s).

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