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My New Poems

This Time – Crossroads with Guideposts

Fight between two minds,
equally strong, yet similar in weakness too.
Watching them now
from afar.
One struggles to overtake the other,
it comes close then quickly moves away.




The other is silent on the outside,
screaming within…..
Don’t come close to me! I am myself…….
What I have always been. Just go away.


Power in action.

New thoughts born.

Ones never allowed to surface before
are now…

Careful steps……New dance.
Two minds moving closer,
dancing seductively,

The fight is over.
But what comes next?

No words are spoken,
no glances exchanged,
wanting to touch,
holding the distance instead.




Sending thoughts to enter
other’s mind.
Confronting closed door and
sneaking in through the
window of the Soul.






Same old crossroads again and again.
They never disappear completely,
only appear all over again.
Each crossroad even slightly familiar is
easily walked past bye,
until one…..unseen before,
makes you


Think !

Think !

Think !


I knew I shouldn’t have

dreamed this dream.

In it I saw that

Secret Place where

lost souls go

to find their roots.

I knew I should have

opened my eyes and

let the dream

fall down.

I knew…..but

I did not.


I saw that Invitation…..

It said…

Dear Restless Soul,

Funny, Pessoa came to my mind just now…

Where was I?

Oh, yes… said….

You have been cordially invited

to attend the meeting

of all souls.

Perhaps, you’ll find

your own.

I knew I should have not dreamed.

Soul in the Mirror

Today I need to write.

Some unknown power just


Go! Sit down! Write!

Oh, but I don’t want to.

My mind is not made up.

My Souls are spread

all over this place.

One sits in the living room,

Watches the people outside,

Thoughtless, smoking, empty, alone.

The other one is busy

in the kitchen, just trying to

finish daily tasks….

She washes the dishes, and





from that faucet…

She runs with it,

without consciously knowing it.

Third Soul is in the bedroom.

That one smiles.

She thinks she knows why…..but

I see her image in the mirror,

and the image is a different one.

That one

that one

stares at me.

That image does not want me to go.

It invites me closer….and I respond.

Looking at my other self…the hidden

Soul I’ve never known… I see !

Now… I know…

It was this one that made me write.

Paper is not giving me answers,

nor asking me questions.

I write to collect my souls,

To make them come and hug me,

enter me and

make me One.

All three poems above written on September 13, 1998. From 4 p.m.- ??? 5 p.m.

Ghost From My Dream


Ghost From My Dream

I saw your hand

Moving through the air,

Inviting me closer.

A place in the middle of


I am witnessing

My destiny.

The emptiness is quiet

I follow your eyes,

The gaze so intense.

Images roll down, embracing

This place, myself and all

My desires.

I hear your voice and

Start to talk, not

Hearing my words.

The silence has entered me,

I can’t escape my mind.

Feeling trapped inside

My unknown self.

I feel your presence,

Unable to touch the being,

I am the worshipper of

Someone else’s dream.

Do you exist and

Is this me?

Reality, dreams, fantasies

Who can say which one

Was first born?

I blink and your ghostly

Image is gone.

Darkness surrounds me.

The multitude of fates inside

My invaded soul.

New York, October 24, 1998.

Between Lines

I have seen

A man and a woman

Two souls

Bonding together

Pushing the limits

Their own desires

Close to me

Playing and displaying

Yet so afar

They've offered knowledge

I've been looking for

A gift of maturity searching

Signs of fear

And only reaching amazed glares

Not found yet

The truth in questioning.

New York, October 29, 1998

( And now...please go back and read this poem again.
Every other line creates yet another poem within the poem.. :)
Therefore.... forming 3 poems in one.
This is my first attempt to write a poem of such kind and I hope you'll like it.
I am welcoming your email for comments and critique. )

I Resign Myself

I Resign Myself

Sleepless and tired

I resign myself

to known paths.

If I fall asleep

I ask you not to wake

me up from my dream.

If I turn restlessly

hunted by nightmares,

I ask you to let me fight

my nocturnal creatures.

If I scream for help

I ask you to watch me,

to memorize the moment

and give it back to me.

If I am lost

lead me back home.

Sleepless and tired

I resign myself

to your wisdom.

October 29, 1998.



When you feel to scream

And you scream to feel

When you listen and talk

Smiling all alone

Amusing your Soul

When you whisper to darkness

And to stars descending down the sky

Rushing to escape the raising Sun

When the daylight reminds you of

Another Journey to Hopeless Land

When all that you have dreamed of

Is nothing you have attained

When you feel helpless

Hiding from your own self

When tomorrow seems

Such a far away place

When you can’t remember

Why you started to write

When words posses you

And you posses tears

When your sorrow

Is invisible

And your acts

Are fake




Do you love

Yourself ?

N.Y. January 12, 1999

10 p.m.


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