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Kaitlyn's Poetry

(1) ROSES AND TULIPSRoses and TulipsTurquoise BlueOrange, red,Purple too

Kaitlyn is 11 years old talented young poetess.

I am happy to have her poems posted

On this modest little page.

I am sure she would love to hear your critique.

Thank you for visiting this page.

Enjoy !!


Roses and Tulips

Turquoise, Blue, Orange,

Red, Purple too.

Lovely and Silent,

Sitting on the greenest

Blue grass.

Waiting to be picked as the

Bees start the Buzzing


The Butterflies Come


Of their cocoons.



Under the water

In the Water

Into the sea,

l can see

How the fish be

Their so calm

So quiete, but yet

So fast.

They are not afraid of

Lacking air or

Just being there

In the Water

Into the sea.


A shining sun

Away way up

Shining down

Upon the crowd

I see the sun

Away way up

Golden brown

Shining down.


For what are friends

Are they me

Are they you

Do I know what they do

Could I know what they do

Are friends people

Are friends

Two are friends forever

To be true

Could friends be just one or two

Are friends a dream

To be true

I just don't know

What friends do.


I hear it

Do you hear it

It is the silent song

That nature sings

The birds singing

The wind whistling

The trees rustling

Into the skies

I look through my window

I hear a silent song

Bye and bye.



Sadness brings but such sorrow

Happiness brings today, tomorrow

Cruelty brings commanding hate

Kindness brings happiness to your faith

Do unto others as they do unto you

Think of others as they think of you.




The Sun and Moon

They play a game of hide and seek,

And tag very the same.

They chase around the world as they play,

Making night and, or day.

Smiling and laughing which makes the wind,

This game of tag will never end.




(In honor of my aunt's little dog)

Have you heard about my puppy?

A wild boar colored Doxy

He likes to hover

Under the covers,

And will give his paw for food

My puppy's name is Frankie,

Don't be fooled he is not cranky.

He was born August 4th

And very much of course

He isn't as big as a horse.


Thanks for stopping bye. !!!!


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