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Armor: Books placed under the clothing, for protection during fights.

Administarive Segregation: Solitary confinement for a minimum of one month. The place where inmates who violate prison law are sent.

Ad Seg: Administrative Segregation.

C.O: A Correctional Officer, to keep the inmates in line, break up fights, and to stop all violence.

Count: A daily check to see if every inmate is accounted for and in their correct pod.

Emerald City: Cell Block 5. A "prison within a prison" which makes the inmates follow a routine. Excersise regularly, go to drug and alcohol counseling, do the job they are assigned, attend classes, etc. Cell Block 5 is run by Tim McManus.

Em City: Emerald City.

General Population: All cell blocks excluding Cell Block 5.

Gen Pop: General Population.

Hack: Correctional Officers.

Jizz: Power, respect. To have jizz is to have other inmates respect and fear you.

Lockdown: When all inmates are placed and locked inside their pod. Lockdowns occur every day at 5:00pm. Week and month long lockdowns are performed when a large percentage of the cell block misbehaves.

Over The Rainbow: What other cell blocks are referred to by Emerald City prisoners.

Pod: An inmate's cell in Oz. Each pod houses 2 inmates.

Prag: An inmate who in under the control of another inmate. A prag is bascially another prisoner's slave.

Shakedown: A random search of every inmate and his cell to check for weapons, drugs, and any other illegal items.

The Hole: Administrative Segregation.

T*ts: Any types of drugs in prison. From street drugs to prescription drugs.