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Septebmer 11th 2001

[Glory of A City] [911] [The Aftermath]

[Pictures I took]

On Sep 11th, there were few registers OnLine, so people can report they are safe. With disbelief that Anyone that I know may see it, I said whatever, & entered my name. When the phone lines were available (I think the next day), I heard from home, that many people call them to say that they heard my name on the Israeli radio, & that I am Ok. That was a Wow. On the left, is that list with my name.

Other Links:
Like Nothing Happened - ... If for some strange reason you have trouble locating the World Trade Center, it can be found at... (Before)

A Living Archive - "A hundred times I have thought: New York is a catastrophe. and fifty times: It is a beautiful catastrophe". - Le Corbusier. This quote is incised in the pavement of Battery Park City's esplanade which was built atop landfill from the World Trade Center's excavation.

...for a time the highest skyscrapers in the world (Before) - (Once was located at One World Trade Center's 107th Floor) In Memory.

*** - About 15mins slide show, In Memory of the Event & The People (with 44kbps it took about 15mins to Download. Be Patience it is worthwhile, Although it is somewhat annoying to hear 4-5 times Enya's "On Time". (FWD by SBS).

THAT IS SAD... "Real-time Hudson River view from World Trade Center" - One of those Around the world LiveCams.

Serko & Simon LLP (Counselors at Law) Once located at One World Trade Center, Suite 3371... Moved to their new location.

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