Once there was a kid. He was pretty small, and his school was pretty big... But when the kid found that there is a door, which he can go through, from the street, straight to the classroom, he was happy... and the school wasn't as big, anymore.

One day, after some time at school, the teacher said: "Today, we all going to make a drawing". "Awesome" thought the kid. He loved to creat drawings. He knew to draw, all kind of things: Lions, Tigers, Chicks & Cows, Trains & Boats. He took out his crayons and started painting... But the teacher said: "Wait. It isn't the time to start yet". She waited until everybody seemed ready, and said: "Now, we all going to draw flowers". The kid loved to drew flowers. He started to draw marvellous flowers, in pink, orange and blue... "Wait" the teacher said, "I will show you how to draw". She drew a red flower with a green stem. "Like that. Now you can start" she said. The kid looked at the teacher's flower, and then at his... - His flower he loved more, but he said nothing; Just turned the pagem, and drew on the other side, a flower, exactly like the one, the teacher made. Red flower with a green stem.

One day, when the small kid, open the door... already by himself... the teacher said: "Today we will make something in clay". "great" the kid thought. He liked clay. He knew to make all kind of thing: Snakes, snowmen, Elephants, Mice, Small cars & large trucks. He started to knead and shape the clay, with his hand... But the teacher said: "Wait. It isn't the time to start yet". She waited until everybody seemed to be ready, and said: "Now, we all going to make a plate". "Wonderful" thought the kid. He loved to make plates. He started to shape all kind of plates in many designs and sizes. But the teacher said: "Wait. I will show you how..."; And she showed everybody how to make one deep plate. "Like this", she said, "Now you can start". The kid looked towards the teacher's plate, and then on his own. He liked his plate better, but he didn't say that... He just returned to roll the clay, in his hand, to a ball. And shaped from it, a deep plate, just like the one the teacher made.
Very soon the kid learned to wait, and do things, exactly, like the teacher. Very soon, he stoped to do things on his own.

Then, it happened...

The kid and his family moved to another house. And he started to go to a different school. The new school was even bigger than the previous one. There was no door, through, he could enter the class directly from the street. He had to climb few steps and pass through a large hall. At the first day, the teacher said: "Today, we will draw a picture". "Great", the kid thought... and waited for the teacher to tell him what to do. But the teacher said nothing. She just walked between the tables, and when she came by the kid, she asked: "Don't you want to draw a picture?". "I do" replay the kid, "What should I draw today?" he asked. "How should know?! First you will draw it; then I will know" said the teacher. "And HOW should I draw it?" he asked... "However you want" said the teacher. "And in which colors should I use?" he continue.... "Whichever color you like...; If everyone will draw the same picture, with the same colors... How should I know, who drew what???". "I don't know..." said the kid, and started to draw Pink flowers and Orange and Blue...; He loved his new school, very very much. Eventhough, it didn't have a door, through, he could enter to his class, from the street...

(Source Unknown)
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