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"NYC/USA favorite links

2011 favorite links:

Radio stations:
106.7 Lite FM
Other NY State radio stations

MyFoxNY - NYC local news + (LIVE Video)
C-SPAN + C-SPAN Live Video, FoxNews + (LIVE Video),

Weather:, FoxNews weather, stormpulse
FoxNews hurricane tracking, AccuWeather hurricane center
OEM NYC hurricane map, OEM NYC hurricane brochure

TV channels & programs:
THIRTEEN, 60 Minutes (CBS), Nightline (ABC), Charlie Rose
The Tonight Show, with Jay Lenno
The Late Late Show, with Craig Ferguson

Favorite shopping experience:
Arts & Crafts: A. C. Moore, Michael's

The US Fatalities in Iraq & Afghanistan

[Where to eat]
[Where to stay]
[Movie Theaters]
[ChinaTown & The area]

[Brooklyn] [Notes] [Woodbury Common] [Chabbad]
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Where to stay:
Hosteling International - 891 Amsterdam Av. (@ 103rd St.). Tel: 212-932-2300.
Around 30$ a night. The is a nice shul in the building; Good if you stay Weekends.
(Thnx Rachel T. for the Info.)

There are few places, you Have to visit. One of them is "B&H"
Visit their Departments: Photo, Film, Digital Photography, Video, Computer Video, Lighting & Studio, A/V Presentation ,Pro Audio ,Binoculars/Scopes. Even if you do not intend to buy anything... It is an unusual place to see.
Location: 420 Ninth Avenue, Between 33rd & 34th St.

GoTo: Liberty Science Center (NJ), Sony Wonder (56 St. & Madison), Empire State Building & the "Sky Ride" movie, Central Park, Nike Town, Disney & WB Stores, Times Sq., "Too Much Is Not Enough", E-Walk, Schwarts, Grand Central Station, The SharperImage Store - 57 St. & 5th Av... Madison & 73rd St..

Check My Attractions Page
If you need to have your coat Buttons or alike, get fixed; Or, you Shoes, Boots, Handbags and Watch (Batteries & Bands), need a touch while you are visiting the "Big Apple". AND you don't want to be ripped-off in those fansy shops... You should write down this address:
B&B Shoe Repair, 197 Madison Av., New York, NY 10016.
It is Between 34th St. and 35th St. in the City. Their phone number is: 212-686-1750.
I'm telling you... You will be very happy with the resault. Those Chinese people do a great job!!!

Shoes - Before my trip to Israel, I went down to Canal St.. In general, it is a good place to shop. I don't know what is my problem :) But I like those Chinese people. Throughout the street & the close northern area, I couldn't find what I looked for, Except in the "Luxury Shoes Corp.": 197 Canal St. (Between Mulberry St. & Mott St.) ChinaTown - Little Italy. Tel: 212-226-2385.
Open, Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 19:00 (Ask PANG to help you).
By the way... The exact pair of shoes, I bought for less than 57$... Can be found in SAKAL - Duty Free, in Israel, for more than 100$!!!

Century 21 Department Stores. 22 Cortlandt St. (Just acrose the street (East) from the Twin Towers). Tel: 212-227-9092. If you use the Subway, take the N or R Train (Yellow Line) to Cortlandt St.; You Have to Exit the station from the "UpTown Train" Platform.
The store closed since Sep 11th 2001

Electronical Appliances 110-220V - KUNST Sales Co. Inc.
45 Canal Street (Around Little Italy & Chinatown). Tel: 212-966-1909/10.
Closest Subways: B/D/Q Grand St. Station &/or F East Broadway Station (Both "Orange" line on the Subway Map).
I found it to be the most reliable store in the town. They are patient & polite. Their Calm attitude makes everything much more Comfortable & Pleasurable.

Movie Theaters:
List of Movie Theaters & Another list with Addresses & Tel. #s.
Manhattan Movie Theaters, Ranked by Preference
Goto Loews Cineplex, On the left hand side there is a tiny "Search" window... For you to enter the Area Zip Code (5 digits) to get a great list of "Loews Cineplex" in your area. For MidTown Manhattan, enter 10036. Note: Screen 13 at The "E-Walk" Loews Movie Theater is the largest in that Complex. To see a movie there... It is a deferent experience. [Ewalk Tel# 212-840-7761]

AMC Empire 25 Right across from "E-Walk" (Loews Cineplex). Very interesting, combined, Historical NYC LandMark & A modern 25 Screens Building. [Empire 25's tel# 212-440-8457]