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Building Mental Muscle:
Conditioning Exercises for the Six Intelligence zones
by Author: Allen D. Bragdon & David Gamon Ph.D.
ISBN: 0916410625
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In the third zone (pg. 166), about Emotional Function, I took a self-test titled:
"Self-inventory: Neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness".

5 sections test, with 5 questions in each. Each question has 2 possible answers, with a rating of 1 or 2 points. The instructions are: "See where you rate by answering the following questions and adding up points in each section. There is a key at the end to give an idea of what personality traits you most likely to have".

It is important to say that as I did before, in tests, I did now. Explanation: Often I find that the answer cannot be Yes or No, This or That. There is an "in between". So in this test I gave myself a range of points, usually with a fraction. For example: for some questions I gave myself 1-1 ˝ points.

The "key" for each section combined "10 pts" for one set of traits, & "5 pts" to another set of traits. My score should reflect the Traits I most likely have, With a tendency to on of the pts' groups. Here is the "Key" as it appears in the book:

10pts: Rebellious, nonconforming, imaginative, liberal-minded --- High in Openness to experience.
5pts: Conventional, conservative --- Low in Openness

10pts: Sympathetic, compassionate, compliant --- High in Agreeableness
5pts: Suspicious, critical, antagonistic --- Low in Agreeableness

10pts: Temperamental, self-pitying, thin-skinned, vulnerable --- High in Neuroticism
5pts: Calm, self-assured, objective --- Low in Neuroticism

10pts: Gregarious, assertive, socially poised --- High in Extraversion
5pts: Quiet, reserved, most comfortable alone --- Low in Extraversion

10pts: Well-organized, dependable, ethical, dutiful --- High in Conscientiousness
5pts: Disorganized, self-indulgent, capricious --- Low in Conscientiousness

Now to the results:
A = 7 to 8 ˝, B = 7 to 7 ˝, C = 5 to 6, D = 5 ˝ to 6 ˝, E = 7 to 7 ˝

Nothing should be taken as conclusive. I would consider myself an Average normal* person. May be stubborn on some principals & limited amount of issues, But in general I believe I am a flexible individual. Except to the rating in the E section, I think that the rest reflects reality, with some little inaccuracies:
A. I tend to be open to experiences. In real life I should score even higher.

B. I tend to be low in agreeableness. I cannot distinguish myself from qualities like Sympathetic & Compassionate. About Antagonistic??? On a regular basis - I don’t think so.

C. I tend to be low in neuroticism, But I May be vulnerable too. Over all I am happy with these results.

D. I tend to be low in extraversion. That’s for sure. Comfortable alone? Yes. But if not intimidated, I don’t really mind to be in a crowd.

E. I tend to be low in conscientiousness. The results do not reflect reality**. Most of the synonyms I found for “capricious”, are not, in any way, describes me. If “self-indulgent” means childish, then, Maybe I am. Any other implication, simply describes someone else. Disorganized??? That’s a real joke. I am usually very Well-organized. People say I am dependable. About ethical & dutiful, there is room for interpretation. But basically, I am ethical & dutiful. I may, soon, will present the “problematic” section E, with my answers. So you can judge yourself if the questions are adequate enough to decide if one is High or Low in Conscientiousness***.

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*What is Normal??? **What is Reality??? What is Conscientiousness???